An altimeter would be nice to have and could be displayed in the top frame of the screen.


  • I think this is a nice idea. The GPS already delivers the altitude, which, in my view, is precise enough for the purpose even without atmospheric pressure augmentation. Short-term averaging over a couple of seconds would dampen any erratic jumps.
  • Why?

    Having an altimeter in a car dates back to the 30's when the fashionable thing was to have anything that was related to airplanes. The pinnacle of this fashion were the fins of the 50's-60's.
  • In an automobile on the ground it is not altitude, it is elevation.
  • > @"" said:
    > In an automobile on the ground it is not altitude, it is elevation.

    Getting a little overly technical there aren't we? haha
  • Clearly, flatlands don't understand, however, in mountainous areas, knowing one's elevation can be useful in understanding whether range estimates and freezing expectation.
    The Tesla Roadster had elevation on its small touch screen. It would not be at all possible to provide this as an option. Perhaps in a corner on the energy graph.
  • A very very long time ago, knowing your elevation was needed because you had to manually adjust the fuel/air mixture in your carburetor with significant elevation changes. Aside from it's entertainment value, I don't see much use for one in an EV.

    The read only browser version of Waze can display current elevation in the lower right of the screen. I don't know if it's getting it from the GPS or from the map. Many smartphone compass apps will also display GPS derived elevation if you feel you really need it.
  • I wanna say A Better Route Planner also shows elevation when you have it up in the car.

    Maybe when the Nav plans a route out it could show up & down hill changes for you with different colors or something? That would be nice to know for trips you haven’t made before. The Nav takes that into consideration when estimating %, in my experience it even over estimates energy used but then I drive like a sane person.
  • @glenn.svanor_98581577

    There's an app for that.
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