Planned Supercharger Installations removed

For quite a while there have been future SuperCharger locations listed as “Planned” and “coming by XXXX”. Recently I noticed some of those disappeared. For example, Sonora, CA. This Supercharger location is desperately needed! That’s a heavy tourist area and there no SuperChargers in the Gold Country area. Also highway 108 which runs thru Sonora is a heavily traveled route to get to Ski Areas. Hope these deletions just mean delay, not that one isn’t planned eventually.


  • The "coming soon" and "targeted" are just Tesla's way of sharing that they want to put a Supercharger in an area. There are many factors beyond Tesla's control that may affect when and whether they actually install one.
    There tend to be a lot more people who can block the installation of a Supercharger than can approve it. Some cities and counties because of pressure from NIMBY's, bureaucratic paralysis, corruption, council members owning car dealerships, etc can block or hamper the installation to the point where Tesla has, on occasion, had to give up entirely and target a new location entirely.
    If this location is of particular interest to you, it may help if you contact members of the city and county planning board or economic development boards and tell them how important it would be to you to have a Supercharger there. I've done that in a few places that weren't even on the map and, a while later, got emails from the individuals I had contacted, proudly telling me that Tesla was coming to town. Those places tended to be more remote than Sonoma county so they were likely more friendly to visitors that might stop on their way through town.
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