Camp Mode needs to be separated from climate control

I just went camping in my Model Y far from any charging options so I needed to reduce my camp mode usage. I immediately ran into a problems.

1) I wanted the 12V socket to stay on but the climate control to be off. Our own body heat was sufficient to keep us warm. However Camp Mode does not allow this. I think Camp Mode should just leave the power on inside the car as it does but not force climate control to be running.

2) There is no way to turn off the HEAT, just the A/C. So recirculate with fan only did not save energy. Had this same issue in the Leafs. Please provide a button to essentially have FAN ONLY or tie heat to the A/C button.

3) When I powered off the vehicle via the Power Off control button, about 15 minutes later the fan came on by itself (mold remediation?) and runs for 30 minutes or so. This would be fine except it was 30 degrees outside and all that heat we had in the cabin was pushed out. If the car is powered off via the explicit button it should be OFF, no background activities! And per #1 Camp Mode with fan off should not allow this to happen either.


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