Wi-Fi connectivity

I installed a wired range extender ( access point) in my garage in order to get faster Wi-Fi for updates etc. the speed is amazing, however it seems I have to manually turn Wi-Fi on in the car each time. Am I missing something ? Does this mean updates will not push through to the car unless I check the settings each time I pull in to my garage


  • As far as your car is concerned, it is just a WiFi signal. The car doesn’t know or care that it is via an extender. Once the WiFi connection has been established, it should automatically connect. This should t be necessary, but try saving your profile once you are connected to WiFi.
  • Are you saying that when you get in your car, it won’t connect to WiFi until you touch the LTE icon? If that’s not what you meant, then what’s happening?
  • I believe OP wants his car to automatically connect to the WiFi when he parks in the garage. So that it can automatically update?
  • That’s correct. I need to touch the lte icon to connect
  • WiFi connection may not be instantaneous. How long do you wait and does it ever automatically connect?
  • > @2manycars said:
    > That’s correct. I need to touch the lte icon to connect

    When you do that, does the car connect without any further action on your part? Do you connect to other WiFi networks from the car?

    Both our S and 3 automatically connect to our home WiFi when we pull into the garage, and that’s how it is supposed to work. Could there be a setting on your home router that is causing the problem?
  • Perhaps I need to wait before checking it. The settings seem ok. I’ll try checking it and wait a minute or so.

    I love this board. Lots of friendly helpful people
  • Good advice here. Park, walk away and come back in 5 minutes to see if it has connected. My two Tesla's seldom connect as soon as they enter the garage and are in range of the WiFi signal, but always connect within a few minutes.
  • Note that for the purpose of getting updates, your car needs to have both cellular coverage and WiFi. When an update is ready for your car, Tesla pings your car via cellular, and your car then attempts to connect to WiFi to download the update. If your car can't be reached via cellular, it won't know about the update, and I think that's true even if your car is already connected to WiFi.
  • I have poor cell coverage here, but not non- existent. There shouldn’t be a problem pinging the car, and now I see the WI-FI seems to have a strong signal as well. Guess I’m lucky when I read about owners or would be owners who have no wi-fi for updates
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