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Autosteer aggressive lane centering

If autosteer is engaged when the vehicle is not right in the middle of the lane, it moves to that position very quickly. This can be surprising to the driver and downright scary for passengers. In its fully-developed version, autopilot driving should be indistinguishable from a human's. Has there been any discussion about implementing a less aggressive initial engagement in a future release of autosteer?


  • Odd, I remember that about a year ago in my S, but it's been very relaxed about centering in the lane for me after activation. Nothing like what you describe now. Likely it an update will correct it for you, although it could be if you're way off the lane center upon activation, it might be more aggressive.
  • It does it in my MY. I just learned to center the car first ... its that or have my wife yell at me.
  • I have the base included AP so just the auto steer and adaptive CC. I have only a few hundred miles on the car but I have noticed this issue.

    I also notice when the lines on the right move for driveways, intersections, for some reason the line moves more to the right the car steers over to the right and then back once the line comes back to the normal place it is in the road. This is quite common on non highways roads at least here in NJ.

    Further yesterday I was on a 2 lane road (one in each direction) with clear marking on a clear dry day. I was using the base AP that is included with the car cruising at the posted 40MPH. I was approaching a traffic light intersection where there is only a road on the right (so a T intersection). My traffic light was Green and again cruising at 40 MPH with a car following behind me. Without any reason as I just started to enter the intersection the car slammed on the brakes, steered to the right, and flashed a bunch of messages that I did not have time to read and was beeping like crazy. Seeing that the guy behind me is about to rear end me because well the car has slammed on the brakes for no reason at a green light with no one anywhere in sight I take over and floor the accelerator and right the car in the lane. The guy as expected is blowing his horn, screaming at me, giving me the finger and cursing me out. Lucky the accident was avoided and only because I took over imiediatly so when you see that warning to keep your hands on the wheel it is no joke it could save your life for real.

    Needless to say glad I was driving and not my son a new driver. If it was my son I am sure he would have been rear ended.

    This is a perfect example of why I never paid for any of these features on our M3 and sure it was included with the MY for free but clear I will never pay for any self driving features as they are just not ready for primetime. I know there are those who will disagree but I can only go by the my experiences with the free trials in the M3 and the features we now have in the My.

    At his time there just is no substitute for a living breathing driver behind the wheel.
  • I've had enough issues with my 10 day old MY with FSD that I've quit using it. The last issue I experienced was on I-5 going south in Tacoma, at 65 mph. there was a car overtaking me in the merge lane to my right and all of a sudden my car slams on the brakes and started evasive maneuvers. Was really happy to have had a good grip on the wheel!! Things happened so fast that I didn't even think to see how close the driver behind me was. I've had enough of the $8K addon for awhile. AND still can't get my phone to pair. Maybe a little buyers remorse creeping in?
  • I have experienced issues as well, but it is in Beta mode. It’s been a few years since my last Tesla, and it is far better that my initial model S was. I believe it will continue to improve, but due diligence is definitely needed
  • I also paid the $8K to include FSD in my 2021 MY. However, the above described events are pure and simply, dangerous! I have had just a taste of these, but, I agree with 007Bond, any inexperienced driver, or an older driver with even modest cognitive impairment levels would likely have ended up in a serious (life-threatening) accident. I sure hope these things improve markedly, in very short order. $8K is a lot of dough and if none of us feel safe using it, then we have been taken advantage of.
  • I have the enhanced AP (not FSD) but have experienced both of these 'defects' - phantom emergency braking and aggressive lane centering. More over AP will not deviate from dead center even if another vehicle starts to wander very close to the lane dividing line - it should move to maintain distance but within the lane or at least sound an alarm. Big rigs especially with two or three trailers wander not infrequently. I used AP a lot during a recent road trip (2000 miles) and it is wonderful on uncrowded roads but not so much in traffic.
  • Note to all - even if you bought FSD, the car is not FSD yet. It's a driver assistance system. You must pay attention and take over if you feel it's doing something unsafe. If you are unwilling to be careful with autosteer, don't use the system now.

    The good news is it will get better. The results of the new FSD 4D software from beta testers is impressive. There is hope that it will be released in the next few months.
  • I agree with Teslatap, however, driving my new model Y should not be like riding a bucking bronco; never knowing when the thing is going to twist or turn in a radically different direction and all I need to do is hold on. 🏇
  • > @jamesmoline_98626172 said:
    > I agree with Teslatap, however,

    "driving my new model Y should not be like riding a bucking bronco; never knowing when the thing is going to twist or turn in a radically different direction and all I need to do is hold on. 🏇"

    Yes this is the point I don't need something that I have to be on high alert during my whole trip, I would much rather relax and just drive.
  • Hopefully there's room for improvement between the beta phase and full release, but today's. autosteer gives the impression that it has been designed on technical specs for stringent lane control rather than reacting as a normal driver would. Tesla's goal should be to emulate a human driver, which means a more gradual acquisition of the lane centerline on initial engagement, a less aggressive lock on the exact centreline while driving, adjusting position to maintain separation from adjacent vehicles and anticipating curves by offsetting slightly toward the inside of the lane.
  • How far from lane center do you typically drive that this is a real problem?
  • I drive in the middle but may occasionally re-engage autosteer following a lane change without first being sure I'm perfectly aligned. Speed control approaches the target speed at less than the car's acceleration capability, and autosteer should also be less aggressive on initial engagement. This is something that makes new drivers hesitant to use the automation features.
  • Lol so much whining. Learn ins and outs of new system, get used to it and everything will be fine. Nothing is very dangerous or super scary about AP or FSD.
  • I've noticed that on narrow roads (nearly every road around here) autosteer tends to hug the centerline. It is also oblivious to wide vehicles coming the other way. Bad idea if a cement truck is coming the other way (been there but forced the steering toward the right side). Just one more thing autosteer/navigate-on-autopiot/FSD needs to learn to do.
  • > @WW_icefree said:
    > Lol so much whining. Learn ins and outs of new system, get used to it and everything will be fine. Nothing is very dangerous or super scary about AP or FSD.

    Nothing is very dangerous or super scary...? My TACC braked hard twice today with no other vehicles anywhere near me. It did it once yesterday and also the day before. In the past year of driving my previous vehicle with ACC, it never braked unless there was a legitimate reason. I expect vehicle automation to emulate the way I drive the car; otherwise it feels uncomfortable for passengers and (new) drivers. It should be within Tesla's capability to achieve this; I don't think it should be a case of "getting used to it".
  • This is a bit off the original topic but since we are discussing this . . . I have had my Y for only 2 wk and I'm new to Tesla and loving it BTW. I have AP (don't know if there a different levels of it) on the standard model Y.

    The driving animation on the left of screen clearly shows that the Y knows the nature of the road and precisely where it is placed within the lane. Since I have discovered how to turn on 'lane departure avoidance', I have played with this on a 400 mi road trip. I don't quite understand the logic it uses to correct me back into my lane if I deviate. I only try and test it when I can do so without other vehicles too close by so as not to look like a distracted driver. I have two questions.

    Any thoughts on why it sometimes does not attempt a warning and lane departure correction when it clearly shows lane position / departure on the animation? (might be a hands on wheel thing? - I sense that this is one of the inputs).

    My big question is . . . why does it not just keep me centered in my lane rather than even letting me deviate and then beeping and abruptly correcting me back? Is there a way to enable center-of-lane driving on my AP model? Or is this a FSD thing only?
  • I may not be understanding your situation .... but, you need to turn on Autopilot for it to keep you centered in the lane. It sounds like you are not turning on Autopilot. The manual explains all this (how to turn it on, off, set follow distance, etc.)
  • Two taps down on the stalk to engage AP(lane centering) One tap down only engages TACC(traffic aware cruise control)
  • > @lbowroom said:
    > Two taps down on the stalk to engage AP(lane centering) One tap down only engages TACC(traffic aware cruise control)

    This another word is Autosteer you will see blue steering wheel on your screen when it's on.
  • dejswa

    Seems like you are actually missing out on the best feature of AP by not even engaging it. Hope you've come back to see the 2 taps down instruction. You will see a small gray steering wheel when AP is available to engage, once engaged it turns blue.
  • Yes, thank you so much! Just got off work and saw these replies. I'll try them tomorrow. I agree that centering is a key feature. Other makes / vehicles have it. I thought about how silly it was that it was not centering even though it clearly knows where it is in the lane. Can't wait to try it!

    I guess I just need to methodically go through the manual.
  • Other mostly all other cars brands have lane keep assist which is totally different thing from Autosteer.
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