Hard time charging in big cities (Queens, NYC)

Hi all.

I live in Queens, NY and I just ordered a Model Y and I am having a really hard time trying to find a solution to charging my Tesla.

Before you read my rant below I have a couple of questions. Does anyone have experience in getting a business to install destination chargers whether it be Tesla or a 3rd party like Blink? Does anyone have a created solution to charging they can share in the comments? Thanks!

I live in an apartment building that doesn't have parking spaces. There aren't any nearby parking lots that I can easily walk to from where I live. The nearest parking lot is about 10 minutes away. The area I live in is fairly close to Laguardia airport and so it's about half apartment buildings and half single or multifamily homes. Some of the homes that are walking distance to me have their own parking space whether it be a driveway or a garage. But there are also many homes that don't have their own parking space and are kind of like townhomes. Parking is sometimes difficult where I live. During Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nights it is the absolute worse! I've lasted up to 2 hours looking for parking but on an average bad day its about 20-30 minutes on a good day maybe like 2-8 minutes. When I purchased the Tesla I thought it would be easier to find a parking lot to park in but thats hasn't been the case. For charging I was just going to go to the mall to charge up on supercharger but according to some owners its slow and hasn't been upgraded to the latest. So I would have to charge about once to twice a week for about an hour. I was thinking about getting in contact with local businesses to see if they would be willing to install a charger that I would pay for and rent the parking space over night. Anyways let me know what you guys think and whether it is feasible or not.


  • I would move right away, failing that start looking for 240 outlets in the area, maybe you could work a deal with someone
  • Have you tried Plug Share? They can show you more than just the Tesla outlets. Also, there is an IM park garage that appears to have charging if you check the /tesla Charging map.
  • The OP might check Craig's list to see if there are folks who have parking spaces nearby and might be renting them out. The OP would probably have to make it worthwhile ($$) but you might be able to get the owner to put in a charging outlet
  • Given your circumstances it may be that owning an EV is not right for you. You may be well advised to cancel your order until you can find a reasonable charging location.
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