Solar Panels

Surge protectors?

So when someone has as Tesla system that has of course solar panels but more importantly in the day or night but night power walls, do I need surge protectors like I did with public utilities for any devices particularly electronic computer devices which we all basically have with most things in the house?

The Tesla solar system has been grounded per code so I imagine no need for surge protectors for that but what if using shore power if batteries are gone?

Or since the system regulates what’s coming in does it matter?

Thanks for you expertise and thoughts!


  • Other than when the grid is down, you are still connected to the grid. If the grid gets a surge, it is still passed onto the entire house. So keep those surge protectors. I'd recommend you consider a whole house surge protector. If you have space in your breaker panel and it's a panel made in the last 30 years, these typically fit into two full slots. Older panels usually don't have a compatible house surge protector.

    I don't know if Tesla will do it, but if they are working on the panel for solar connections, they may be willing to add it if you bought the surge protector and it matches your panel. The work is quite easy for an electrician.
  • If you've ever done any work in a live electrical panel yourself, installing a whole-house surge protector is simple. Some models include built-in regular breakers, so it doesn't "cost" any additional panel space.

    Note, if you're significantly unsure about doing it yourself, hire a licensed and bonded electrician to do it. If you're nervous about doing it yourself (like me), consider it a healthy attitude, along with using the "one-hand-in-the-pocket" rule.
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