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Grid back on after area power outage but now Powerwall powering house, not grid!

Can't figure out why grid not powering house. Tesla app shows grid as off. Powerwall powering house instead. Tried to reset Powerwall gateway but there's no reset button to press. Powered down Powerwall and turned it back on again but nothing changed.


  • Normally the gateway has a 5-minute delay to be sure the grid power is actually stable before reconnecting to the grid. Not sure how long you waited. Control is done by the gateway, not the Powerwall.

    Also is it possible the grid is not operating properly - either the frequency is wrong or the voltage is far from normal. Some of the newer utility meters will show the grid voltage and frequency. Expect 240V and 60 Hz.
  • This morning I opened and closed the circuits to the gateway and solar. The solar then started charging the Powerwall but still no grid power. Then turned on dryer and suddenly grid came back on line. This shouldn't be how system functions, right? When grid comes back on it should immediately be sensed by gateway and begin powering the house, right?
  • The reset of everything at the same time probably gave it all a kick in the pants to come up in the right sequence to be happy, awaiting the go, no-go signal that the grid was good from the TEG.

    I'd guess the dryer happened to be turned on about the same time the TEG decided the grid was good-to-go.

    And no, it should not require user intervention to get it all to come back up correctly, after a grid outage.

    I've had to do something similar to mine a time or two in the past as well. I'd guess it has something to do with the condition of the grid as the system is re-initializing. Residential power feeds are notoriously noisy when they transition to either up or down conditions. This noise can drive electronic devices absolutely bonkers. It's why I always open my main grid breaker myself when the grid goes down (either planned or unplanned). I wait until *I* know the grid's stable and clean before re-engaging it. I've done this even pre-solar, to protect my electronics investments.
  • Sometime, when the grid is restore the signal is not the ideal. You can try to turn off the system for 5 min and the turn on.


    the correct way to turn off the system is:

    Turning off the systemIf it is necessary to turn off or power cycle the Powerwall system, it must be done in theproper sequence.

    WARNING: On Powerwall systems with interconnected solar, always turn off the solarinverter or disconnect the solar source before turning off the Powerwall unit.

    1.Turn off or disconnect any interconnected solar generation system.
    2.Turn off Powerwall by setting its switch to the OFF position.
    3.Turn off the AC breaker to Powerwall.
    4.Turn off the AC breaker to the Backup Gateway (for whole-home backup systems,this may be a breaker inside the Backup Gateway)
    5.Wait at least one minute before turning the system back on.

    Turning on the system
    1.Turn the AC breakers to Backup Gateway and Powerwall back on.
    2.Turn on Powerwall.
    3.Turn on or reconnect the solar generation system.
  • Thank you for that. I didn't realize that PV had to be turned off *first*, and turned on *last*. I printed this out and taped it to my inverter, inside the TEG, and inside my main panel.

    I guess I should RTFM...more carefully?
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