Customer service is VERY BAD

I placed an order of Desktop Supercharger on October 15th but I never received any tracking information for my order. I email to customer service a thousand times, they replied to one of my email on October 30h to let me know that it was an error in processing. They have started reprocessing the order this normally takes 5-7 business days.
Now is 2 weeks after but I still not received my product as well as tracking information. I emailed to customer service again and they never responded.
To be honest, I’m planning to purchase the new electric car and the first model that I was thinking about is Tesla Model S. How dare I can buy a car from you with that service??


  • I ordered on Tesla website. Not other website. They have to responsible to all of their product, not only a car. You can’t say that they don’t have any responsibility for another product on their website except cars.
    I tried to contact them a thousand times but it still not works so I have to post a thread here.
  • A thousand times? Really?

    5-7 business days processing time means it would take at least 2 weeks including shipping time.

    Tesla representatives do not monitor this forum, so posting here won’t expedite your order.
  • Amazon have terrible customer service when they sent me twice the wrong item too, you know.
  • Ordering items from the online Tesla Store has always been problematic, but the online system for ordering cars is completely separate and works well.
  • I got my charger from them, and they shipped immediacy. I had it on the East coast in about 10 days.

    I must agree this doesn’t seem to be the place to post problems with a non car related issue.
  • Hello from the other side.

    I just emailed a thousand times.
  • I'm sure Tesla is happy to not sell a car to someone that emails a thousand times for a $35 toy. If they did sell the OP a car, Tesla could expect 100,000 emails to explain items that are in the manual.
  • I ordered a charging adapter from the Tesla shop (includes free shipping) and I received two confirmation emails within 5 minutes of ordering and received a shipping confirmation 2 days later and it is arriving 6 business days after I ordered it

    Super smooth all around
  • @ Allen 04
    You might be getting a lump of coal in your stocking this year.
  • Allen, you seem spun pretty tight, All suppliers and manufacturers for just about everything are having problems because of COVID, been waiting for a new Refrigerator myself
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