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Battery to the Grid

Greetings. My energy company lets me buy and sell energy at wholesale prices.

I'm thinking about buying Tesla Solar panels and power wall.

Is there a way to discharge from the battery to the grid? Kind of Like Autobidder? Even opt out of the solar credit? If not Tesla; know of any other battery companies that will?


  • I'm not aware of any utilities in the States that allow a PV/PW installation to be provisioned to "buy low - sell high" with grid energy and batteries. That capability was pretty much eliminated in the early '00s.

    It *is* a capability available in other countries like the UK and Australia.
  • Net metering is 1 to 1. Every KW you send back is equal to every KW you use, regardless of Time of Use. And this can only be done with Solar. At the end of the year if you produced more than you used, then your utility in most states with Net Metering will pay you wholesale price for every KW extra your produce over what you used. If you used more than you produced, then you pay the difference based on the rate for when you used it.

    This only works with solar. Batteries are not considered energy production. Even if you could send electricity back during the higher rate time, it is still 1 to 1 until you produce more than you use. At that point you will only be paid at the wholesale rate. If you use 10 KWH during off peak, and send back 10 KWH during peak, you owe nothing and they pay you nothing. If you only send back 9 KWH and use 1 more KWH during peak, then you pay the peak rate. If you send back 9 KWH during peak and use 10 KWH during off-peak, then you will pay the 1 KWH off-peak rate.
  • Just to clarify, what I stated above is only for "usage charges" and only for some states and utility companies. Each state does things slightly differently. Regardless of what each state does, you would still have to pay all of the other fees and taxes even if you produced more than you used. And again, this is only for solar or solar with battery.

    The advantage of a battery with or without solar is that you can time shift. Charge up the battery during off-peak and then use only the battery during peak. This way you will always be paying the lower off-peak rate
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