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Seat cover recommendation for Model Y and other protective options

Seats: I generally buy seat covers for a new vehicle. I'm tall and sometimes that is a problem with reducing headspace but not on the Model Y with it's generous head room. I am partial to sheepskin if they fit well. And I would consider something for the back as well.

Floor mats: I guess it makes sense just to use the floor mats that came with the vehicle since I could just replace them if needed.

Trunks: The front trunk is rubberized so I guess no need there. The rear and rear space, perhaps if there is a thin rubber or plastic shell, that might work.


Thank you.


  • not sure about the items you asked about, but I wanted to drop by and say that Tesla's seats are actually pretty durable, and unscented baby wipes work really well to clean them.
  • Do not buy any seat covers. In the event of an accident, you do not want anything impeding the deployment of the seat bolster airbag.
  • Tesla manual tells you not to use seat covers.
  • Read your Tesla manual. It definitely recommends that you NOT use seat covers because they can restrict the air bags.
    I'm waiting for my MY. Received VIN today. WooHoo!

    Correct about not using seat covers. Page 28 in Owners Manual.

    Floor mats - I will be driving to the barn where I board my horses and want extra protection, but I did not want thick ugly mats. I ordered the MAXpider 7 piece set. I'll be carrying barn supplies in the rear so having a cover there was important. You can order just the trunk mats. They are thin, and seem sturdy and very important, look really nice. They don't look like the heavy plastic/rubber ones. You never know what you might end up putting in the trunk. Best to protect it from the start.

  • I work at a barn 2 days per week. Especially on wet days I can get pretty disgustingly dirty which, despite the durable-sounding seats, I've order this hoodie JUST for the 2 mornings per week when I drive less than 4 miles total ea morning:

    Also ordered the spider mats as above, did a lot of research and these appear to be the best:

    good luck!
  • Thanks folks, waiting for MY to be delivered and looking for the "must haves". Had not noticed the seat cover warning, but glad I saw it here.
  • > @Super_Rep said:
    > Read your Tesla manual. It definitely recommends that you NOT use seat covers because they can restrict the air bags.

    Thank you for sharing, I was not aware of this. I order a 7 seater MY in January and plan to take delivery later this month. I purchased a couple car seat seat protectors as I have for my other cars, but it sounds like I shouldn’t use them. They don’t cover the entire seat just a portion of the backrest and seat. Do you know if it’s all seat protectors or just the ones that cover the entire seat?

    Also, has anyone bought all weather floor mats for the 7 seater that they recommend?
    Thanks in advance!
  • Can 3rd-party seat covers truly be airbag-compatible? They tout support for the Model Y.
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