Model X

Custom Tesla Keys Model X & Model S

Hello Tesla owners, we are company that specializes in customized your Tesla car keys to look like YOUR CAR!

That’s right!!

Instead of looking like the same Tesla out there, how about sticking out of the crowd with customized Tesla keys.

For more information including pricing, shipping, pictures of keys we have done, duration of completion?

Feel free to just message!


  • Ah, Tesla doesn't have keys. You might try and spam a legacy car company instead that requires keys.
  • TeslaTap I am referring to the key fobs sir, which is why I only mention S & X Models...sorry if my post confused you.

    If you still lost, I can definitely send you pictures of our work and maybe that help.
  • Lol message where hahah spam bot
  • I would like to thank the other members in the forum of reminding me that you run into aholes from time to time.

    Here is where you find the pictures of what we do! And the car we did it for which was a 2018 Tesla Model X

    Custom Key Fobs[email protected]/50614321232/in/dateposted-public

    Car We Did The Key Fobs For[email protected]/50614187756/in/dateposted-public

    For Inquiries: 855-692-9900
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  • Now makes sense. The pictures make it far clearer. Sorry for calling you spam, as I think it's a fair posting when it related to Tesla.
  • Much appreciated worries, I am new to forums and how this all works.
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