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Changing electric supplier in Texas

My contract with MP2 is almost up. I renewed with them the first time but am looking enviously at other suppliers pricing.

Has anyone had experience with other net metering companies here in Texas?


  • Partial answer to my own question.

    TXU. They charge 13.8 cents per kWh unless you have solar panels in which case they charge 15.9 cents per kWh (for the first 500kWh). they also assume if you have your own panels that you want to buy electricity that was generated renewably and do not have other options.

    Average Monthly Use Average Price per kWh
    500 kWh 15.90 ¢
    1000 kWh 14.90 ¢
    2000 kWh 14.40 ¢

    They have a typo on their page.
    "When your solar panels or wind turbines product more energy than your home uses, we'll buy back the extra power."
    When my panels PRODUCT more energy. How about when my panels PRODUCE more energy.
    Sheesh, it's a public facing website and does not inspire confidence in their internal quality control measures.

    Base Charge:Per Month ($)$9.95

    They have no information about how energy credit are applied or consumed
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    Reliant Energy also charges more for electricity if you are using net metering.

    Normal rates are
    Monthly usage Average price per kWh
    500 kWh 12.1¢
    1000 kWh 9.8¢
    2000 kWh 9.6¢

    But with solar they are 15.5 cents per kWh (flat) with a 1:1 credit (just like MP2)
    I did forget to ask if they have an annual reset to zero for the bank.
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    MP2 is no longer doing 1:1 energy credit.

    The plan used to be
    11.3 cents per kWh (including the delivery fee).
    Energy was banked in units of 1kWh.
    And when drawing from the energy bank, the delivery fees were reimbursed So the appearance was 1kWh in:1kWh out.
    Your energy credit bank was zeroed out once a year in October. On your bill date.

    The plan now is.
    8.7 cents + delivery fee cents per kWh. The delivery fee is $3.42/month + $0.03922/kWh. So an apparent cost of 12.622 cents per kWh.
    Energy is banked at 10.2 cents per banked kWh (so you sort of get 1.5 cents per kWh of delivery fee reimbursed as long as Oncor does not raise fees)
    So this means that the "currency" of the bank has gone from kWh to Dollars.
    Your energy credit bank was zeroed out once a year in December. On your bill date.

    As a side note, it is a scam that the delivery fees differ from one electric supplier to the next. There is a single carrier, Oncor, and they charge a single rate. Fiddling with the rates is just a way to charge more.
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