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Parking Assist - How does it work on my M3

Several times I tried to get the parking assistant in my M3. I followed the instruction video, but it never works.
What do I have to do to let this work ? Or is it unavailable on standard plus ?


  • I assume you’re talking about Autopark. If you do have FSD, try reading about Autopark in the manual, it might provide more information. If you don’t have FSD or EAP, then you don’t have Autopark.
  • And, if you do have it: I can make it work, but it's a bit touchy. You have to go past your desired parking spot, slowly, and watch for the "P" symbol to appear. Go too fast and it disappears, fast.
    It does a decent job parallel parking; given that it gets into the spot with the correct distance to the curb on the first try, it's a trifle faster than I am.
  • Wow, I haven’t gotten my M3 yet, but I was also under the impression that it came with Autopark...... without FSD upgrade. Kind of misleading with videos they send about your car before you get it. No big deal though. Certainly wasn’t the reason I bought one.
  • @Poatm3 - Tesla probably doesn't tailor the videos based on options you did or didn't choose. However, I suggest you verify what you are and are not getting in your car, to avoid unpleasant surprises later. The safety features are all standard, and the standard autopilot features are TACC and Autosteer, but the other driver assist features require the FSD option. I'm assuming your Model 3 is new.
  • Poat, for what it’s worth even with me having fsd, I never use autopark. Now, I DO use the other features daily, love them, but after trying autopark once it was meh for me. I rarely parallel park, and I can back into perpendicular spots quicker.
  • Yes, my Model 3 will be new. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting autopark. However, when I downloaded the Tesla app and it gave me 5 instructional videos for the Model 3, autopark was included. It doesn’t take away for my expectations at all....... I was just given the impression that it was included. Either way, I’m just excited as can be to get my new car.
  • It's just generic introduction vids to get you going while you wait it doesn't mean you will have all the features unless you bought FSD.
  • Have not seen the park icon appear ever. New Model 3. Tried everything suggested. Saw the video they sent me and I did what it said - but nothing.
  • David, did you purchase FSD or EAP?
  • > @lbowroom said:
    > David, did you purchase FSD or EAP?

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