Solar Roof

Lack of Technical Information- Is the solar roof a string inverter or micro inverter arrangement?

I am not going to pay top dollar for a total lack of information. I think the website is for 8th graders, pretty pictures and no substance.
1)Are they string or micro inverter?
2)Drawing of the roof shingle ?
3)How connected to roof?
4) What type of membrane under the shingles?
5) How is the peak covered?
6) Specs on the inverter?
I am planning on a 1000sf roof for the south facing part of my workshop roof, it is new construction.
I am in no real hurry, but I would like to see more detail.


  • I can provide some details:
    1) String inverter. At my house, it was 4 strings, one for each compass orientation.
    2) They are about 45" x 15". Not sure why that matters.
    3) They attached plastic mounts that the tile snaps into. Each tile is supported by 8 points.
    4) Two layers of membrane.
    5) Metal ridge caps
    6) My system uses two Delta inverters, Solivia 5.2 TL. Specs are online from Delta. They may use a different brand or size, so I can only state what they used on my system.

    This was a 3600 sq ft roof, so much larger than your roof. About 1/2 of the tiles are solar, with the rest just identical-looking glass tiles.

    I made a time-lapse video and provided more info here:
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