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Bluetooth failed, Tesla mobile service came and still no bluetooth

Anyone else being told by Tesla to wait for an update to have bluetooth work again? I have a 2016 Model S 75 and I am told by Tesla that I have to wait for an update to have my bluetooth working again. Don't know until when, just wait they say...


  • What version do you have? I have .44 and no problems with Bluetooth and a Samsung phone (Android).

    Note that Bluetooth is a bunch of standards, some of which are not well documented and have created various bugs in the Bluetooth software stack and chips various companies use (phones, cars, etc.). With clever programming, you can get around many of the bugs, but it's tricky. So while it works great for 99% of the people, there can be odd combinations of hardware that require additional software tricks to make it work. The faults could be with Tesla or your phone or the OS on your phone. Looks like Tesla is trying to figure out a workaround. What makes these fixes difficult, is correcting for one bug can break something else.

    As a developer, it's amazing it works as well as it does. From behind the scenes, it's quite a development nightmare.
  • I am on .44 with my 2020 MX and recently lost Bluetooth connectivity to both phones, tried all options and still no go. Happened once before months ago and came back expectantly. Waiting for it to work again.
  • @hilliard52, did you try a hard reboot using both scroll wheels?
    That helps sometimes.
  • I would imagine you tried other Bluetooth devices . I had a older android that wouldn't connect and it always said connection failed. I had to make the phone visible on the android connection screen and let the car find the phone during the visible connection time of 30 seconds and it got the pairing code .
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