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Warranty Adjustment Program--won't replace my eMMc until it "meets certain specifications"

I bought my 2016 Model X in Jan. 2020 and started having problems almost immediately with some memory functions. Took it in later (delayed due to covid) and they replaced the central body controller under warranty. I just had to take it back in because the touchscreen died and the car wouldn't charge. After all that, rather than replace the eMMc, they performed a "refresh." I was told that the part couldn't be replaced under the new warranty adjustment because the memory hadn't yet been "consumed." I said, "you mean yet." It is aggravating to no end that they are going to let this keep happening until it actually dies. It's unsafe--the mirrors wouldn't even unfold until I'd gotten halfway to the dealership; I couldn't use my backup camera, the car wouldn't charge so I had to drop it off 4 days early. So far this seems like a joke. I still haven't even picked my car up yet and they won't just replace the part that is clearly A) causing the problem and B) covered under this program.


  • Upgrade to MCU2
  • > @WW_icefree said:
    > Upgrade to MCU2

    That's still a cost - I think OP is trying to figure out how they'll replace this without having an out of pocket cost, which I can't say I blame him on.
  • I also bought a 2016 in Jan 2020 with their warranty. The eMMC/MCU1 was fine for 10 months, but recently started experiencing no sound/black screen every few days now. I scheduled a service call, but the center cancelled it because they "remote diagnosed" it and didn't find any issues. They said that it's completely "Normal for the screen to go blank/no blinker sounds/lose defogger" every few days and just keep restarting it every time it happens. So don't count on Tesla replacing even it after you start experiencing symptoms. The issue is strange and their customer service response is even worst.
  • I have exactly the same problem
    They told me they don’t have the parts
  • > @danielcohn77_473566 said:
    > I have exactly the same problem
    > They told me they don’t have the parts

    Not really the same problem when they agreed to fix it but you have to wait for parts to come in
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