Phone app connection not working

I have had trouble seeing my 2016 Model S on my phone since last Thurs (Nov 12th) while having no problem seeing our other Tesla (2018 M3). I could not establish a connection at all using a phone (iPhone or Samsung) to the Model S (blank screen). Everything else was working fine in the car, e.g. radio, streaming services, GPS, etc. Brought the car to service last Friday, they could not fix it. This morning the tech said they have other customers experiencing the same problem and the issue had been reported. I also noticed that this morning while I was looking for Superchargers, there was no information with respect to the total number and available stalls displayed. Not sure if the issues are related. Anyone else has the same issue??


  • BTW, this is happening in southern California, San Diego and Orange county area.
  • Yep, my Model 3 has been having the same type of issues since the last update they did. It is getting cold here in the Finger Lakes region of New York State and I can't ask the car to warm up before I go to drive it anywhere. It keeps timing out on connecting to the car from my iPhone.
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  • I’m also having this issue on model 3. Required to re-login on the phone but still wouldn’t work as keycard.
  • Having the same problem here in Portland ... my app keeps saying its a server error
  • I have been having that error for 2 days now as well. I saw others had done some sort of reboot manually in the vehicle. I will be away from my car for 30 days so would love a different "fix"
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