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Model X 2017 75 D Charge level

Hi Everyone I am a Tesla newbie. Just bought a pre owned 2017 X 75D through Tesla. It’s max charge rating is 237 miles but it charges max to 213. My question is, given the 80% recommended charge limit setting, should it be 80% of 237 or 213? Thanks for your help


  • The charge limit is the % of the maximum. You can charge to 100% if needed, but generally, it is better for battery longevity to charge daily to 80 or 90%. So 80% of 237 is 189. Also, there is a setting for ideal miles, which shows more miles. If you have that option active in controls, it will show larger numbers. I recommend if on, turn ideal mode off to be more realistic.

    For a lot more on the range, I wrote this article that you may find helpful:
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