Model S

Wall Connector stops during charging

I have a 2020 Long Range S for which I bought the generation 3 wall connector. Installed by an experienced electrician. When I plug the car in, it charges for about 12 minutes and stops, then the three short red blinks appear on the wall unit. We have checked the voltage, wiring size and torque, etc., per the wall unit owner's manual. I think the wall unit is faulty. The local dealer says email Tesla, I email them and they don't reply. Any suggestions?


  • Were copper ferrules clamped on the ends of the wires before they were clamped into place? Tightening down on multiple strands can miss one or more which creates a heat generation point. Three red blinks means an overheat condition.
  • There is manual for the MC. Three blinks have a defined meaning as stated above. Suggest you read the trouble shooting tips therein
  • Have done everything in the OM for the charger. How do I get Tesla's attention?
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