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Another Powerwall horror story

In mid-October we lost energy to the house. Powerwalls failed, but worse, the bypass lever inside relay box did not work, so the Powerwalls also took down access to the PG&E grid. Without any guidance about how to get access to the grid, Tesla support gave us a non-negotiable visit date of today (November 17). Two days ago I confirmed that Tesla would show up today. At ~9:00 this morning Tesla support sent me a text that they would need to reschedule at an undefined date because they do not have a part. Tesla seems to take no responsibility of remorse for this performance. This is beyond outrageous!


  • Sorry that your installation is one of the very rare ones that has had a problem. Did you not test the "bypass lever" when the system was installed? I ask this, because I don't know what a "bypass lever" is. My PWs don't include such a thing. (I visualize a lever like you'd see in an old horror movie mad scientist lab.) Mine has simple circuit breakers that power a high-current contactor that's within the TEG. Did you follow the shut-down procedure in the owner's manual? Shutting down incorrectly can damage the system.

    That being said, it sounds like Tesla has discovered a logistics issue with a specific part. These things happen, and they DID "take responsibility", and did the right thing by notifying you about it in advance.

    There is nothing "outrageous" about Tesla Energy's response.
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