Is Tesla the King of Horrible After Sales Service?

As much as I love the car. I will forever warn every one who ever dreams of buying a Tesla to be aware of the worst customer Service experience from some of the most qualified people in the Industry.

Elon Musk might be a genius in many ways but he sure knows how to treat people horribly. To pay $110,000 for a car and get treated like u purchased a $5000 second hand pickup truck. Man, I truly want to save the planet for putting myself thru this service.

Every engagement with Tesla - small or big has been painful. I keep forgiving, thinking together we are saving the planet and they keep getting worse thinking they need to make every $ possible.

Sad. the day others come up with an electric car, this company will not have too many people recommending them to their friends.

With love
Save the planet, go electric but look beyond Tesla when the moment comes.


  • Total bs and we will see more of this since Tesla is invited to fortune 500.
  • Survey says....
  • > @"stingray.don_98527447" said:
    > Survey says....

    How dare you muddy the discussion with facts!
  • I only had great service.
    Sometimes 30 days to get an appointment but excellent quality service
  • Two different Tesla's and two service visits. Both excellent and professionally handled. Friendly staff and quick turn around. I guess I am lucky where I live bc both times service was available next week from the time I set it up.
  • Yep, likely OP is a competitor with sour grapes that has nothing to compete with Tesla. I've only had excellent service for the 7 years I've owned Tesla. So much better than stealerships. Oops, I mean dealerships.
  • Not sure what the OP is talking about, but certainly not the Tesla I am familiar with over last 8+ years. Had my MS in for servicing two weeks ago to replace MCU1 with MCU2 and it was incredibly efficient and a very positive experience at Lynnwood, WA SC. My experience with service has been overwhelmingly positive. The most recent was even better than normal given Covid pandemic. Tesla rocks and their service does too.
  • I just picked up my 2020 Model 3 last month so you would think that I would have also experienced the same horrible service and issues with the car as all these gripe threads suggest. Nope. Not a single one.

    Sales advisors were on top of every step. I was never in the dark as to the status of my order or what needed to be done next. Always prompt and courteous in their replies.

    Delivery day was a breeze. The three people that I dealt with at the service center were highly professional, efficient, and, a pleasure to work with. In and out in about 45 minutes. Brand spanking new service center by the way.

    I received at least one follow up phone call, email, or, text from all five of the people above after delivery.

    Car is simply fantastic. Not a single squeak, rattle, wind noise, blemish, software glitch, or, mechanical or electrical issue. The only surprises so far are what's new today via OTA's that the car couldn't do yesterday.

    Must be I'm just lucky. I don't think that's the case.

    Hands down the best car I have ever owned. Best purchasing experience. Best owner experience. Best driving experience. Ever.
  • The problem is not enough people post their good experiences I suppose that’s typical. My experience has been good, before during, and after sales. Others need to post positive experiences as well
  • I picked up my model 3 on Sunday in Vancouver. They were running a little behind but I was in and out in about 40 min. Everyone was fantastic. I had a couple very minor cosmetic paint chipping and I set up an appointment thru the app. I got a text saying the appointment was cancelled and they would follow up the next day. I got a text the next day asking for photos of the paint defects and they are working on setting me up with a service center. I told them it was no rush as it is super minor and there are other people that have more urgent matters. Overall, they have been very attentive! More than happy so far
  • Let’s not get into politics on here
  • The right rear window on my Model 3 was shattered. I scheduled an appointment and the first appointment I could get was a mobile appointment about 6 days later. About 2 days before the appointment, I got a call from Tesla and was told that they did not have the parts and the they rescheduled the appointment another 3 days later till today with a 4 hour window of 8am - 12pm. 12pm comes and goes and the Tesla service tech does not arrive. I then texted Tesla and told them that they were late. At about 12:45 I got a call from Tesla saying that due to a system error, they did not schedule the mobile tech, and one should arrive about 3pm. HOPEFULLY that happens. As a result my whole day is tied up waiting for the Tesla Tech.

    One of the big problems with Tesla is that there is nobody to talk with if something goes wrong.
  • You were in contact with Tesla this whole time.
  • I bought my Tesla S P85D in 2015. The service for the next 3 years was awesome. I would call customer service and they could fix almost everything or they would send a Ranger out within a couple of days (I live in Oklahoma City, so we don't have a service center yet). Then something weird happened about 2-2.5 years ago. The people that answer the phone knew nothing about how to fix anything except "push the 2 scroll buttons and reset the car". If that doesn't fix it, they won't even set up your service call; they send you to the app to make the appointment. I think this has been the biggest gripe I have with Tesla customer service--outside of the fact that I have had to replace all 4 door handles, 3 of the power window machinery, and a key fob that just stopped working after an update. Since they made the app suitable to make your service appointment, things have gone to hell. The Rangers are great after they get there, but the 2-3 week wait and last minute cancellations from the Home office has been horrible. I like to say that I really like the car--great computer, great ride, but the materials used to build the car are god awful. They don't recall anything even knowing that their design or materials were the cause of the problem like the door handles and power window machinery. They will fix it--for a price. I really think they should have merged or brought in an engineer that knew how to build a car with materials that don't break so easily.
  • @dr_shaurinpatel - do you expect every car you buy to have a lifetime warranty? I assume Tesla fixed anything that was a problem for free during the warranty period. They even offered the option of an extended warranty for 8 years 100K miles when you got your car. So if you wanted a longer warranty coverage, Tesla had a solution for you. I'm sorry you feel entitled to that lifetime warranty, but it was never offered.

    P.S. my 2016 S has never had a handle or window problem. Actually, it's been exceptionally reliable and has never left me stranded.
  • Notice that he reinforces more than once the narrative that Tesla owners buy them as a sacrifice to save the environment.
  • > @lbowroom said: > Notice that he reinforces more than once the narrative that Tesla owners buy them as a sacrifice to save the environment."

    I'd call the extra $20K for a Tesla with a 2nd tier ADA system, a 2nd tier AWD system a substantial sacrifice for the environment.
  • What car is better for $18,990?
  • I'd call the $20K lifetime savings with a Tesla with the only vehicle including Autopilot in every car a smart buy and a benefit to the enviroment.
  • Surviving a head on collision is worth $50k. Car is cheap.
  • I think it depends where you leave. I had experienced different customer service from dealers in different regions.
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