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Model S is slow to turn on

Have a 2014 P85 - anyone else experiencing slow start up times? It's taking probably 15-20 seconds from when I put my foot on the break until the car is actually on and ready to go. Read a lot of the MCU issues, but didn't see that listed. Otherwise not having any issues with the computer, screen, etc. Anyone else noticing much longer turn on times? Thanks


  • If the car has been off long enough for it to go to sleep it will take longer for it to wake up.
  • I too have a 2014 MS. The only thing I have experienced like this has been sometimes it takes a bit for the instrument cluster to come on. So when I open the door, the center screen will come on, but the IC will be off. By the time I get in the car, buckle up and press the accelerator, the IC come on. This only started occurring after the last update I got (2020.36.11). When it does happen, it only happens first thing in the morning and it hasn't happened in the 5 days.
  • If asleep for a few days, 20-30 seconds is not a big deal.

    I usually press the brake pedal 😉
  • I was going to ask if the car had sat more than 24 hours and gone into a deeper sleep.
  • 2014 S85. Yep, started this summer. Sometimes takes as long as 20 seconds for the IC to come on, and allow driving. Oddly, it seldom happens when the car has been plugged in for a while, but quite often when it's only been at rest an hour or so.
    Center screen is unaffected -- comes on as soon as a door is opened.
  • Energy saving mode may play a role.
  • Have a 2017 90----exact same thing has been happening for the past month or so. The car is parked inside an insulated garage, and if it wasn't plugged in the night before, it will take a good 20 seconds or more before it will start. Last week it started doing it even if my car was the one plugged in the night before (wife does not experience this with her 3). Yesterday when I came out of my daughter's house after babysitting for a few hours it happened as well.

    May try a re-boot if it starts to bother me.
  • PS--- a few times I used the fob from inside the house to unlock the car thinking that might 'wake' the car up and eliminate the delay, but no luck.
  • Appreciate the responses. This started happening a few months ago, was never an issue before unless, like others mentioned, the car had set for a day or so, but now it's pretty much every time I get in the car, even if it's only been an hour or so since it shut down. Also, it's just the IC and not the main screen, but you can't engage the car until the IC has responded.

    Had the 9-volt battery replaced a couple months ago and asked the tech about it. He suggested clearing out old navigation, old trips, etc., which I've done but to no avail. I keep hoping updated software will help, but nothing yet. Jordan, like you I'm currently running on 2020.36.11 version. Curious what version some of the others experiencing this are running.

    Thanks again for the responses.
  • In that case, the MCU is likely the culprit.
  • i am on version 2020.36.3.1 per my phone.
  • Maybe try reporting an error when it happens by pressing the audio button and just saying 'reporting an error---car delayed x seconds in starting." Write down the time and dates. Do that a half dozen times and then arrange for an appointment at the SC and let them know the times and dates you reported the error. They may be able to then look into the computers and see if anything is wrong.

    A few months back I was having problems with my screen going blank every once in awhile. I followed the steps above and they were able to run some program (someone in CA actually ran it I believe---I am in MA) and they identified and corrected the problem.
  • My 2012 Signature model S started having this problem in October, but had been plugged in all summer in FL, I had the mcu screen replaced 1 year ago. I attributed the problem to its being idle for so long, but it still occurs. 26 seconds to "warm up" I have a service appt on 12/2 to look at this at the new service center in Ft Myers FL. I hope they tell me it has to do with the "new" mcu and they give me back the $1800 charge from my replacement. Hopefully, I am part of the recall.....
  • My 2017 was doing the same and like Bighorn suggested change the energy saving app to off. I don't have always connected checked. That fixed the problem for me.
  • As a side note, it's interesting that we don't see any complaints anymore about vampire drain, especially on older cars. Seems like Tesla has improved the software to turn off more items when the car is off, even on older cars.

    Second note: with MCU2, the IC is driven from MCU2. With MCU1, the IC has it's own processor, so it could be partly independent of the main MCU1 and can be shut down independently.

    When I had MCU1, I got in the habit of pressing the brake pedal as soon as I got in, even before connecting the seat belt so that it was usually powered up by the time I was ready to drive. Still, I did see slowness at times. With the MCU2 upgrade, I like how there is no wait.
  • TeslaTap----just to follow up on your comment on the vampire drain. When my car was in the SC a few months back, this was one of the things I asked them to look at. I had written down the time and dates of a few days when this happened and gave them that info----as the guy requested I do when I scheduled the appointment. Please note that a few months prior to that someone at the SC, that has always been great, told me the drain was normal, etc., etc., so I had low expectations. To my surprise and pleasure, when I picked up the car this last time they said they found something thanks to the data I gave them, and they ran some software to fix things (along with my screen going black every so often). I 'think' a person in CA (I am in MA) actually ran the software correction. I checked the vampire drain for a week or so after that, and it was greatly improved---not down to the 1-2 miles in a 24 hour period, but down to around 5 or so (and who knows what my Energy Saving was set at).

    Just wonder if subsequent updates included the above correction, and that has cut down on the vampire drain complaints.
  • > @"" said:
    > As a side note, it's interesting that we don't see any complaints anymore about vampire drain, especially on older cars. Seems like Tesla has improved the software to turn off more items when the car is off, even on older cars.
    The car is now recharging when it drops 3 miles rather than 7 or 8 as it did before, so it just LOOKS like less vampire drain if the car sits a day or longer.
  • Jumping the shark again with disinformation. Low vampire drain when unplugged too.
  • Correct again Bighorn. I never had any drain when the car was plugged in----only when it was unplugged overnight as my wife's 3 used the wall charger.
  • It can be changes to deep sleep mode, a failing MCU or even one of the computers doing maintenance work. Parasitic loss has been a thing since the first cars rolled out in 2012 and it is tricky to address, especially with the MCU1 and the way the 12v is managed but I am sure this has been an ongoing development priority. On older cars the 12v really gets a workout pretty much all the time, esp if “always connected” is selected. Even if that is off the car needs to have some systems awake so it can be awakened remotely. That’s a tough mountain to climb for any designer. Balancing out all of these factors does inform future hardware development so I suspect the new MCUs offer a lot more flexibility at the software end. Older cars have to be dealt with given their hardware limitations and it looks like this may be a new work around to limit loss by improving system efficiency.
  • My start up time was also slow in my 2015S. Service ran remote diagnostics and found my Home Folder was nearly full and they remotely emptied it. The start up time is now much faster. They said it may have been the cause of intermittent screen failure.
  • @pdev, what the hell is a Home Folder?
  • Vampire drain is almost zero on my S for last two-three SW updates (@44.15).

    Car is virtually at same SOC from 6pm to 7am. Unplugged. Usually at 60-70%.
  • @Ohmster
    That doesn’t fit the trolls’ narrative.
  • > @tldickerson said:
    > @pdev, what the hell is a Home Folder?

    Don't know for sure...this was from service...
    Good morning, this is Tesla Service. We did leave you a voicemail. We found that your home folder is almost filled up on the Media Control unit, which can cause the screen to be sluggish and go blank. We will clear this out over-the-air as well as recommend for your to clear your trip history by selecting the car icon in the bottom left corner of the touchscreen > trips > reset trip A, reset trip B, and Reset current trip. This should increase performance as well as clear out some of the unused stored data. You may experience map files missing, however, these will reload as you drive. At this time, we can close this service request. Please respond if you have any questions. Thank you!
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