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I frequently take long conference calls sitting in the driver's seat of my Tesla 3. After a few minutes everything shuts down from climate control to the phone call's bluetooth projection through the car's speakers. I can restart climate immediately by tapping the brake, but bluetooth is now lost, and I have to manually reconnect the phone. This becomes a pain having to do it repeatedly every few minutes. Is there a way to disable this feature of the car's computer basically going to sleep after a few minutes, even with my sitting in the driver's seat?


  • Yes. It is called camp mode. See your owner's manual for details.
  • It also calls energy saving mode that is why it shuts down.
  • Car shuts off regardless of energy mode. Camp mode was the correct answer.
  • Honestly I wish there was a different way. My fear will be forgetting to turn camp mode off when leaving the car and coming back to a drained battery.
  • It is not going to drain that quick. Shouldn't be any different than running sentry mode, which keep the car awake as well. Unless you are leaving it in an airport parking lot for a couple of weeks, you should be fine.
  • Unless you have the heater going, I wouldn’t worry too much. It’s been a few months since I’ve car camped, but it might toggle off when you exit after using it. Easy enough to check. Plus it should turn off at 20% SOC to protect the battery.
  • I think it takes 15 minutes before everything shuts down. I’m surprised to hear that Bluetooth disconnects — I thought it only did that when you exit the car.

    Try keeping the car in drive and using brake hold, rather than putting it in park, when you’re using the phone. That might keep everything on. I’m not sure, but it’s worth trying.
  • Keeping it in drive is not what I’d consider a safe alternative.
  • I believe hold goes away and shifts to park after a certain length of time. Selecting Climate On seems the keep the car running as well but I’m not certain. My SO has the most experience with this and I haven’t heard any complaints after being left alone in the car for awhile. 😊
  • Can you load up some entertainment that would keep it away? I play that numbers game often, it is quiet and doesn’t have a timer.

    That’s really a hack, I know.
  • > @Bighorn said:
    > Keeping it in drive is not what I’d consider a safe alternative.

    Why not, with brake hold engaged? If you're stuck in a traffic jam (accident) you might be in that state for an extended period. Even if the car switches to park eventually, you'll still get another 15 minutes or so before it turns off, but you can always shift back into drive with brake hold to keep it going.

    Camp mode is better, but if the OP is reluctant to use it, what I suggested might work for them.
  • If you’re sitting taking a conference call with brake hold on, all it takes is an errant movement of the foot to run over whatever is in front of you. Not aware that the car puts itself into park other than by lifting off the seat.
    I think leaving the climate on will keep systems powered as well, as mentioned above.
  • According to the manual, if you’re in park, the touchscreen will turn off after 15 minutes even if you’re still in the car. Doesn’t matter if you have climate on. That was the point of the OP.

    I assume that it doesn’t turn off if you’re watching streaming video or playing a game. Maybe not when you’re charging either.
  • It turns off when you’re charging.
  • Try changing the volume slightly every so often. Any kind of input should keep it from turning off. I also like the brake hold idea. When it automatically goes to park, that's the signal that it's been 15 minutes and you can just put it back to drive/brake hold.
  • Please explain how keeping the car in drive while you’re not paying attention Is a good idea.
  • If you're asking me....If I'm not trying to drive, I don't put my foot on the pedal. No foot on the pedal, no risk of mistaken driving. Not paying attention doesn't necessarily mean that you don't know where you are. Being in the car sitting somewhere isn't wise, either. You could be carjacked. But, I'd be paying attention to that still, even if I'm "doing" something else. Same way with the car in hold. I'm not actively thinking the car is in hold, but I know it.

    Personally I like the fact of keeping it in drive in case I need to accelerate quickly without shifting to drive or letting someone know I'm doing it (carjacker).

    Now, I know what you're thinking: "He must have been carjacked a few times." No, I just watch too much TV and I was a Boy Scout (Be Prepared).
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