Solar Panels

My solar/powerwall stopped showing up on the Tesla app?

Suddenly last night my solar system is not longer present in the app just my cars. Anyone know why it would disappear or how to fix it?


  • Hard to say. Can you check your outside power meter on a sunny mid-day to see if it's generating power? If you don't see any power on a sunny day, I'd next check to confirm the breakers for the solar are still on. Is the gateway powered up? It should have an LED indicator that is on. If you have a single inverter (not microinverters) some have LEDs and some have a display. Look for any error LEDs or messages.
  • Well all breakers are on and the green LED is on....the gateway unit in the house shows no errors so just weird the iphone app doesn't display me having a solar system.....very frustrating.
  • I called service and they are looking into what happened with the app. The solar system itself is working fine according to Tesla when the logged into it. Very strange. Will report here if and when it is fixed.
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