Model X

No Sound, Black Screen, Broken MCU1/emmc card

Purchased Model X with MCU1 in Jan 2020. No issues for 10 months until Oct 2020.
Oct 2020 - Initially just no sound (blinkers no sound nor music). Googled on how to restart the MCU by pressing and holding the 2 buttons on the steering wheel to restart. Worked for a few days
Oct 2020 - Few days later, No sound again, and Black Touch screen. Restarted again.
Oct 2020 - Approx 2 weeks later, No sound again, and Black touch screen again. Restarted again.
Nov 2020 - No sound again, and Black touch screen again. Restarted again.
Nov 9 2020 - Received an email with a known Emmc issue that would cause blank screen. So I scheduled a service visit for 11/27.
Nov 18 2020 - Service center denies claim. "Thank you for scheduling an appointment regarding the eMMC Warranty Adjustment Program. We have performed diagnostics and found your eMMC did not malfunction and does not meet the criteria for replacement.
An occasional touchscreen reboot is normal and not indicative of accumulated wear. In the future, if you see an alert on the touchscreen indicating that a memory storage device has degraded, please schedule an appointment."

Does this make sense? There were no issues for 10 months, then all of a sudden screen keeps going black and it seems to be a known issue with the small emmc card. Service center remotely "refreshed" it and says that its normal and that when it goes black every few days; just force a reboot whenever it happens again. I suspect that they remotely refreshed it which will buy a few months of time again until it goes blank.

Why would they refuse to fix the issue despite that it's a known issue according to the recall email [1]? Is this normal? anyone else encounting this issue with customer service? It seems like either there's a bug in their diagnostics or a disconnect between their recall and customer service teams.



  • I have a model X with exactly the same problem I talk to them today I was there today they told me they don’t have the parts they’ll contact me.
    It’s not right that you can’t reach a real person on the phone service is very bad
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