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Tesla app (android) not showing yesterday's total solar generated

We've just had our solar panels & Powerwall 2 AC installed. Using the Tesla app on an Android device and tapping successively the "Power Flow" and the solar panels icon at the top of the display shows today's solar power generation graph, with the total power gererated today in kWh above the graph. Tapping the back arrow shows the graph of yesterday's solar generation, but the total power generated does not change. Is this an app oversight? Does anyone know how I can get yesterday's total solar generated as a number. My app appears to have only the graphical view available.
Thanks in advance, cpl42.


  • Wait a few days, and check again. It's possible that there are reporting errors for the first day or two, until there's actual values for history to report.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, gregbrew. I'll do that for the next 2-4 days and report back to this forum. cpl42.
  • You were spot-on, gregbrew. All days since the initial (partial) day are showing the appropriate statistics. It appears that the app's coding just doesn't take account of the 1st day, when all counters are at zero. Thanks for your help. cpl42.
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