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Tesla Model S no Longer recommended by consumer reports

CNBC released an article this morning stating that the Tesla Model S is no longer recommended due to reliability concerns. They stated issues with air suspension, touchscreen controls, and main computer issues. I placed an order for a new Model S 2 weeks ago. So this article makes me rethink my purchase. I am 3 weeks away from delivery and I don't want to spend nearly $90,000 for a car that has many known issues. So I am reaching out to owners here for their experience pertaining to issues with the car, and then I will decide to cancel the order or keep it. Have any of you had the issues stated in the article? Have you had to pay out of pocket for manufacture defects that Tesla would not cover? Link to article is below:


  • I had a slew of minor nuisance and 1 or 2 significant issues on my S.

    What these reports don’t tell you is Tesla addresses everything. All my issues were resolved.

    Best damn car I’ve ever had. As well as the X.

    I wouldn’t worry.

    Specifically to your concerns
    Air suspension. No.
    Touchscreen. Yellowing. Fixed.
    MCU. Yes. Replaced on X.
  • Most unreliable car I've owned since a Buick in the 70s. Customer service is horrible. When something breaks, you're likely to wait weeks to months for parts. I've had mine for 5 years. Won't be buying a second one.
  • I second "Best damn car I've ever had." I bought my first Model S in 2016 and the experience has been fantastic enough to warrant buying another one last year. Have I had any issues? Sure, as I have with every car I've owned. As posted above, Tesla takes care of them. Very easy to order service on the Tesla app, and in many cases they come by and fix it in your driveway. How cool is that?

    Best damn car I've ever had---and second place is not even close.
  • I've had minor issues that were repaired. I got an MCU2 upgrade that breathed new life into my car. I would like to keep this car until the end.

    The car still ticks off my top priorities: EV, fun to drive, looks great. Other than wind whistle that got fixed, the issues didn't affect my love for driving the car. I probably have different priorities than Consumer Reports.
  • Best car I’ve ever owned. Over 300k miles now. And $90k is a bargain. At one point, it looked like they’d never be below $150k for a performance model. My Ford truck has far more and more expensive issues than the Model S with fewer than 1/3 the miles.
  • By far the best car I have ever owned------just fun to drive-----prior decades to buying the Tesla we had many Cadillacs, couple of BMW's (not sure which service was the absolute worst ever between these two), and a few Lexus.' Yes, the car does have few quirks, but after all, most new cars now are just computers on wheels, and computers will have quirks. 99.9% are resolved with a simple re-boot (holding 2 buttons on the steering while in for a minute or so). The 1-3 remaining very minor items were easily corrected by Tesla (via software updates or tweaks).

    Loved the car so much that we got a 3 and put solar panels on our house.

    You will love the acceleration (compares very favorably to the 2016 Corvette Z06 (650 horse power) that we traded in for the S.

    At this point in time we would only look at Tesla if looking for another car------would go for an X with the Falcon doors because it would be easier to get grandchildren in and out of the car seats.

    You will love your new S----ignore the few doomsayers that just love to jump on any thread and say something negative. By comparison, just look at all the recalls the other car manufacturers have had in the last 3-4 years---heck even just this past year.
  • The touchscreen and MCU issues were present in older model S, both have been addressed by Tesla so new cars will not have these issues.
  • I have never had much faith in CR. If you listen to CR you would be buying a boring vehicles. Corvettes were historically rated poorly. I have an older S and it seems to me that most of the issues have been address in newer models. It is an exceptional vehicle. Tesla customer services has also been excellent.
  • Tesla is the best car I have ever owned. Sold 2019 SUV to get used 2016 S that's how much better it is for me. If you drive one you will never want to go back to ICE cars.
  • As I and others have often said, "If you test drive a Tesla, you'll want to bring your checkbook."
  • One of my favorite posts was from someone about 5 years back, who had recently bought a Model S. It went something like this: "My wife asked me to go to the store to buy eggs and bread. I bought the eggs and 'forgot' to buy the bread so I could go back again."
  • The issues that the OP mentioned are not issues with new cars. CR is way behind the current situation and is not where I would look to do research.
  • Two MS's (2012 MS85 and 2015 MS85D) so far with MS Plaid on order (hopefully next year). Absolutely no regrets and love both MS's owned, and the past damned car I have ever owned and a joy to drive. Did replace MCU1 with MCU2 on my 85D and that is the only issue I have had over past 5 years. No issues with air suspension with either MS, and both with pano roof (no problems), which has also been a joy and will miss in the Plaid. I would not hesitate to purchase an MS, and Consumer Reports doesn't have a clue about real ownership experience.
  • Oops, past = best
  • Speaking of Consumer Reports, if you want to believe this latest article---and you shouldn't---they annually publish an owner satisfaction survey. Tesla has finished first in seven of the last eight years.
  • MrsWonderful, I would suggest you ask yourself one question with regard to what Consumer Reports says. If Tesla's are so unreliable, then why is it Tesla has the highest satisfaction/favorability rate amongst CR's members? Clearly, if those "issues" were real issues then thosepeople wouldn't be recommending the car to others. A vast majority of the "issues" are simply operator error.
  • Oh and I have 184,000 miles on my 2014 Model S and never once was I stranded by the car, never ran out of battery power and nor has it ever been on a flatbed. Have I had things replaced, absolutely. Would I hesitate to drive from here in CT to Alaska, absolutely not.
  • Thank you guys for the responses. This is my very first Tesla purchase and that article made me completely nervous. I definitely will not be cancelling my order and I cannot wait to get my new car!!! My expected delivery date is scheduled for Dec 12th. Tesla hasn’t given me a VIN number yet. Has anyone ever received their car earlier than the expected delivery date?
  • I think you will be happy with your Tesla. In 3.5 years, I've had loose door panels, a problem with the trunk and my MCU failed. And maybe a couple of other things I can't remember. And you can also expect to have to reboot the car once in a while to resolve some gremlins. That is not great reliability if you are consumer reports and counting problems. But in reality, all these things are just nuisance problems and they were all resolved by Tesla. There is no oil to change, no engine or transmission to break, etc. So overall cost of ownership should be lower. The one complaint I do have which might also annoy you is that you cannot talk to Tesla service. Ever. Your only option is to schedule service through the phone app. Service has always been good, but I really don't like that I can't pick up the phone and speak with someone to ask a question.

    I don't know about getting your car earlier than the expected delivery date. I got mine a bit early because there was a car matching my spec that was already in progress.
  • When you set up service apt you will get txt from service, you can ask all the questions you want there. Daaaaaa
  • > @MrsWonderful said:
    > Has anyone ever received their car earlier than the expected delivery date?

    Both our orders came in earlier than expected. I am really, really hoping same holds true for the third (Plaid).
  • > @MrsWonderful said:
    > Has anyone ever received their car earlier than the expected delivery date?

    I ordered my Model S on October 22 when it was promised December 15-31. I received my VIN yesterday and will be picking it up on Monday, November 23.
  • It's the car of the future. Beautiful. Thrilling. Reliable. And fun!
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