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GM: "We are transitioning to an all-electric portfolio from a position of strength and we're focused

Just in.
$7 B being budgeted


  • yea, just like they have been focused for the past 20 years [eye's roll]
  • Sure they are transitioning...never said how long that transition would take...
  • yes it does in the article
  • Big words we shall see
  • More kudos to Elon for this step forward. Isn't this exactly what he wants for his long term goal------a cleaner earth because of his efforts to get the electric car industry going? Clearly, the Tesla was the impetus that really started this industry to take off.

    Thanks OP for letting us know about another step toward success for Elon.
  • Maybe Tesla inclusion to 500 is a wake up call for legacy automakers if they don't do the switch to EV they will cease to exist.
  • Imagine the lead they’d have right now if they pursued the EV1 in earnest. Tesla wouldn’t likely exist.
  • I feel like i've heard this so many times. GM has yet to satisfy this claim. In fact, they have twice now shown they dont give a shit about EVs.
  • > @jordanrichard_629778 said:
    > This is just GM’s attempt to get the investing community to start sending money their way. What was it, 6 months ago they held an invite only presentation for investors and the press, revealing the new battery they are working on and all the forthcoming EVs. “Funny thing” is they didn’t want any pictures taken, didn’t have range specs, etc. etc.
    > Then they do a bunch of teasing about the then pending Hummer EV and then on the big day of the reveal, they show a big video presentation of the Hummer EV flying through the mountains and desert and it turns out to be CGI. Subsequently admitting they didn’t even have a working prototype of the Hummer EV.
    > Also if you look at the wording carefully, they mention hybrids and EVs. So it looks like GM is using the German’s definition of “electrified” and that means any vehicle with electric assistance in its propulsion. So hybrids are considered “electrified”.
    > Again, this is just GM’s way of trying to get Wall Streets eyes (money) on them.

    Smells like Nikola 2.0
  • > @andy_connor_e said:
    > I feel like i've heard this so many times. GM has yet to satisfy this claim. In fact, they have twice now shown they dont give a shit about EVs.

    Maybe they saw the writing on the wall. Maybe.
  • GM will be a bigger PR company than a car company going forward, it seems. Will GM’s going Electric beat going bankrupt? Those Golden Parachutes looking pretty good for the big boys
  • Tesla disbanding its Press Corp only helps GM and others spread propaganda.

    Scroll to 6:44 to hear a nice summation on GM’s EV plans.
  • GM would be spending more on EV R&D than Tesla has been doing (which was a surprise to me at how relatively low their spending was).
  • I think the main take away has always been that in order to be a real EV, You need to enable long-distance travel. There is no shortage of fluff and deceit and computer generated images passing as production vehicles.

    Almost every single TV made today with over 200 miles of range could be the only car that someone owns if and only if the owners have the ability to charge.

    Tesla has done this. Electrify America has started the process. And other charging networks in the US supplement the ability to own an EV.

    And cost.

    Bring on the $25,000 Model 2.
  • Does "electrified" include an electric starter motor?
    I'll believe GM is serious when they
    a) provide a plug-in hybrid with ~100 miles of EV range and fast charging capability so that you really don't need to use gasoline
    b) provide BEVs with 200 miles of range
    c) provide or facilitate a charging network that will enable 200 miles of range in 30 minutes or less to access 100% of the paved roads in the United States, with the ranges they offer.
    d) provide options for a), b), and c) for at least one model of every class of vehicle in their fleet (ie compact car, mid-size car, large car, sports car, compact CUV, mid-size CUV, large CUV, small truck (pickup, SUV, van, chassis), large truck (same as small).
    Until then, I'll remain skeptical of their jabbering nonsense.
  • I agree SamO.
    I prognosticate that by 2025, a non-Tesla EV will be able to set a less than 55 hour time on a cannonball run. That, to me, would be kind of a benchmark that charging has become ubiquitous, and non-Tesla EVs have reached the “only car needed” level for a majority of Americans.
  • I hope they are right, we need move away from ICE as soon as we can. And we need US-based manufacturing. Unfortunately GM depends on Delco and all the other 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers for most of the systems in their cars. If they can not change, hard to see GM (or Ford or Fiat/Chrysler) surviving much past say 2030.
  • @Frank99

    So funny that you say that number in particular. In August, I borrowed a friend's Model X and drove from Los Angeles to Virginia Beach (2753 miles) in 53 hours.

    I want to try and beat the record for the Sea to Shining Sea in an EV once I take delivery of my tri-motor Cybertruck or can borrow a Roadster 2. I think the current record is 45 hours and 16 minutes driving westbound from New York City to Los Angeles in a Long-Range Rear-Wheel-Drive.
  • More lies but people will eat it up. Hey did you see the new hummer? Nope. Hey you gonna get a Rivian? Nope. That electric Jag is super nice. No place to charge. Hey hey that Porsche is faster than the model S. I need a family car not a sports car and actually it’s not faster. Hey man, I saw that Ford is making a pickup. Fantastic. Audi had the Tesla killer. Nope, can’t make it efficiently. Hey no way Tesla can make a truck that cheap. They use robots.

    I used to argue with people, now I just listen and seem surprised. Oh wow that’s cool man.
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