Model S

Dual charging ports

As a new model S owner (2013 new to me), I have yet to use a public charger. From non-super chargers that I have seen with dual cables I wonder if the cables are long enough to reach around the back of the car when parked on the offside of the charger? Has Tesla ever mentioned about having dual charging ports one on each side?


  • Other than old Jags, you never saw cars with dual gas doors. So like a gas car, you simply pull up in such a manner that enables the “hose” to reach your “fuel door”.
  • The only issue is that most of the ChargePoint charging stations around here are at the edges of parking lots so you cannot access them by going from the other side. Anyone know if their cables are long enough to reach around the back end of the car?
  • Why would you want to use charge point? Charger home or at Tesla superchargers.
  • I've never had a problem with the cable reaching at a public charger. If you are concerned about a specific public charging location, why not go there and check it out?
  • For me, dual charging ports would be more useful at home, because we have two Teslas and use one wall connector for both. We prefer to park forward in our garage, and the 24' cable on our current wall connector can reach the charge port on both cars. The newer wall connector with the 18' cable might not make it. It would be okay if only the left port could be used for supercharging/DC charging, but either could be used for AC charging.
  • In 8 years of Tesla ownership and having charged at dozens of public Level 2 J1772 connector chargers of all brands, I've never encountered one that I couldn't back into so the cable would reach the charge port. I have encountered chargers that were ICE'd with adjacent parking spots open. This fixed the cable reach problem for me:
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