Model Y

Why the wait and how old is the car?

OK. So I finally got some communication, after 8 weeks, from Tesla that I have a VIN # .........M..72... ready for me in 4 - 6 weeks. Maybe someone can tell me why, if I have a # starting 72... and others are already getting numbers starting 77..., am I waiting 4-6 weeks. I am in the Bay Area near the Fremont factory.


  • Because they aren’t necessarily built sequentially. What color did you order?
  • blue, black interior, LR etc.
  • Tesla paints in batches, hence lbowroom's question about color. No one here knows exactly how many say blue chassis they paint before switching to black, white, red etc. With the pearl white being the no cost color, they are clearly painting more of those than the other colors.
  • I also got assigned a VIN 72XXX. Model y, blue/w black interior, long range. Ordered 11/5, delivery scheduled for 12/3.
  • Well there you go. All the blue ones
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