Model 3

100-mph Tesla Model 3 crash

100-mph Tesla Model 3 crash sent hundreds of scorching battery cells flying, started a fire in a house, and took 3 hours to clean up

That the driver sustained only minor injuries may be a testament to the Model 3's passenger safety, but an EV spewing burning batteries into the environment and through windows may not be a good sign for those outside the car.


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    Oregon. Wrong color though.
  • "A tire was ripped from the car during the collision and struck the second story siding of a nearby apartment complex with such force that it ruptured the water pipes within the wall, destroying the bathroom to the apartment and flooding the downstairs portion of the apartment as well,"

    If only it had been an ICE vehicle, we wouldn’t have to worry about tires flying around...oh, wait...
  • > @Xerogas said:
    > “Oh, noes, a bunch of flashlight batteries rolled into my house”
    > --says the guy driving the napalm delivery system

    Explosive dinosaur juice
  • Another day another BS thread from Howard the Tesla hater.
  • On another hand I am glad to own two safest cars on the road.
  • Sorry folks I disagree. Howard just posted the story as written he didn’t alter or embellish it so I have to give him a very close pass on trolling this one.

    It’s a cool story and it does show the safety of the car. And at 100 mph it would probably have been the engine of an ice car that hit the building along with the 16+ gallons of napalm in the gas tank.
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    We all know what he is doing here.
  • Actually, Howard didn’t embellish. All of the post was from the story.
  • I will go back and look again but it looked like all copy and pasts.

    And yes I know what the deal is. It’s still a good story and shows how safe the car is that the guy walked away or rather ran away after a 100 mph crash. So if Howard’s plan was to troll with this article it didn’t work. He hasn’t come back to argue either so I still give THIS post a troll pass. :-)
  • Still better than burning Porsches
    Fun statistics:

    " * 0,7% of Taycans ever made have burned down
    * Assuming an average ownership time of 45 days thusfar, the annualized odds of a Taycan fire is 6%.

    (This isn't to diss on Porsche. Making a good EV is *hard*, and they're a decade behind)"
  • It's says it was an S.
  • > @FISHEV said:
    > It's says it was an S.

    Glad your state legalized hard drugs. We should see more news like that soon.
  • Some stories identify it as a S and some as a 3. Looks clear to me it’s a 3. Looks like the pole hit the rear passenger door so it was a good place to reduce impact to the driver but minor injuries in a crash of that severity is a testament to the structural integrity of the car. Stories all carry a level of overhype about batteries strewn about. OMG watch for batteries!
  • > @"Joe M" said:
    > Some stories identify it as a S and some as a 3.

    That's a M3. The hockey stick door handles are a dead giveaway.
  • So, it certainly sounds like an article Howard would write, lol, and he reacted with glee to the wording, but, yes, that appears to be all copy and pasting.

    That “not a good look” line would have been struck by any responsible editor.

    ICE cars burning their occupants to death in gas fires is not a good look either but when have you ever read that in the description of an accident involving an ICE car?
  • I've read other articles on this that questioned whether it was an autopilot failure. Never understanding that autopilot can't be used at 90+ MPH.
  • All cars are missiles.
  • I am not a fan of big brother but with all the tech on board why not sense the erratic and high-speed operation and shut the car down or at least limit the speed. Would the internal camera if enabled detect the DUI condition? This would be a great feature. Here in CO, there are way too many driving under the influence especially with rec pot now available on nearly every corner.
  • There you go, Howard shows up to blame Tesla for not stopping a drunk from driving a car into a house.
  • When you know how the battery pack is constructed, as we here do, it shows how horrifically violent this crash was. An ICEV would have been torn to pieces. To have individual batteries ejected like that is insane.
    I wonder if the structural battery packs would eject batteries in the same situation, or if the epoxy is stronger.
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