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Weird problem with App and Display of Energy

I just got my Solar installed. I have the black gateway box connected via Zigabee. I also have the Blaster in the power box (no powerwall). They installed that after. My problem is from the app, I never see the three lines of energy distribution together. During the night, I see the Grid to House (Blue line) showing power consumption. When the sun comes up, the blue line consumption goes away and I see only Solar to Grid (Yellow line). What I never see is all three, Solar to Grid, Grid to House and Solar to house together. In fact I have never seen the Solar to house line. Any thoughts?


  • You will *never* see all three at the same time. The blue line isn't "consumption". The blue line is what is coming to the house from the grid (via the utility meter). The home consumption is the *sum* of the grid-to-house amount *plus* the solar-to-house amount. The Tesla servers do some math operations on the PowerBlaster data (consumption) and the inverter data (production ) to get what they display on the animation.

    When there's excess solar beyond what the house needs, it will be exported to the grid. Under this condition, the house won't be pulling from the grid, because there's a net outflow to it from your solar inverter, and the house has all it needs from the solar.

    You *might* see the line from the grid to the house at the same time you see solar to the house, if solar isn't providing enough to fully supply the house. The grid will top-up the house requirements.

    What you're observing the graphic doing sounds perfectly normal.
  • Thanks. Makes sense. One question, when would I see power going from the Solar to the house?
  • During daylight hours, you'll typically see power going from the panels (PV) to the house, with any excess (beyond that needed by the house), going to the grid. If the house needs more than PV can provide during the day, you'll see flow to the house from both PV and the Grid (as I mentioned above).

    This might be effected by how you've set up the app, too. Since I've got Powerwalls, I've got options under "Customize" that you may not have, that let me set behavior based on Time Of Use (TOU) billing. If that's an option under solar PV-only, that could effect the timing of solar export to the grid. I don't know what the app options are for PV-only installations, as I've never used the app for that. My PV was installed in late 2015, and I used the MySolarCity web interface until I got Powerwalls in early 2019. I've used the app since my PWs were added.
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