Model S

Trying to get an idea on how much are people paying for Their Model s Insurance?

My insurance Quote is going up almost $1800 Per year. How much are you guys Paying?


  • Insurance rates vary significantly depending on where you live. That said my most recent 6 month bill for my Tesla was $427.33 for 250,000/500,000/100,000 coverage.
    No claims, no tickets, less than 7500 miles per year (I don't think I will hit 1000 miles this year due to COVID), not a Performance car.
    South east PA. State Farm.
  • When I replaced a 2013 BMW 335i convertible with a new 2016 Model S85 in 2016, my insurance barely went up at all, even though the Tesla was significantly more expensive. I live in southeast FL and have Amica insurance.
  • Far, far too many variables to get even a general sense of what it should cost. Age, driving record, where you live, number of cars on policy, being a homeowner or not, level of coverage, number of driving age kids in the household, is the car parked indoors or not, etc. etc. etc.
  • USAA for veterans
    Bodily injury $100,000
    Property damage $100,000
    Collision deductible $1,000

    Driving 60 years accident
    & ticket free.

    Vehicle garage.
    Only driver.
    Drive 5,000. miles per year.

    $132.00 per month

    Do it all on line @
    instant quote.
    Live in Las Vegas, NV
  • In nc im paying $65 a month for full coverage on my tesla.
  • USAA, Dallas Texas - No Tickets, no accidents and no claims EVER. MS2019 low mileage $104 monthly. Make sure you tell the Ins Co that you have the security system (Sentry & Dashcam), be parked in home private garage, ask if you take an online drivers driver safety training will lower your premiums or any other eligible discounts - if you don't ask, you don't get.
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