Model Y

Does your heater work in cold climates? Post here.

I'm taking delivery of my MY in Salt Lake City, where the recent unseasonably warm temps are becoming more normal (colder). The thread about the heater not working in cold climates has me wondering how common this problem really is. I'd love to hear how many people are able to report that their heater consistently works *reliably well* in cold temperatures.


  • We have only had our car two weeks but have regularly driving around in sub-freezing temps with no issues, including a few days where mornings have been -5 F. Heats the car really well.
  • I'm in the northeast where temps have been falling into the 20's overnight. When I remember, I heat the car to 72 degrees 3 mins before getting into it in the morning. I feel like I enter a sauna. In fact, I am very surprised at how quickly the car heats up compared to my previous ice cars.
  • In the other thread where people were complaining about the heater not working, one of the most recent posts says that possibly Tesla got a bad batch of PT sensors from a supplier, so the question would be how many (and which) VINs were affected.

    That sounds plausible enough, and if it's true, maybe there's good chance my car will not be affected, since its date of manufacture is pretty recent - 11/13.

    But I have to admit I have no idea what a PT sensor might be. "Pressure" something?
  • My understanding is the "PT" stands for platinum (Pt), which is used as a resistor to measure temperature.
  • I live in MN. I’ve had my MY two weeks. Heats very fast and very effectively. Much quicker than an iCE. I always preheat and get into a warm car.
  • I live in AK. I'm the one DragonRand (above) is referring to. (DRand- sorry, I said "pt" was a pressure/temperature sensor so maybe it really is platinum? IDK.)

    Anyway, when the heater works (for those of us who've dealt with this issue) it works VERY well. As others have said (and I'd agree) it is much faster than an ICE. There is no apparent lag time from turning on the heat to heat coming out.
  • We live in Colorado, had a Model 3 for 2 years, and now a Model Y. We've had both vehicles in below zero degree temps and in snow and much prefer the Tesla to any ICE vehicle for heating the cabin. Preconditioning your Tesla in the cold before you drive is sooo convenient and if you are like me, you will become extremely annoyed by people who start their ICE vehicles in the winter and let them run for 20 minutes in the morning before they leave. :)
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