Model S

False Alerts in App for Window down

Anyone else having a problem with the app notifying them a window is down when it’s not? We keep getting them in the garage when the car is parked overnight.


  • I do with my 2016 model S , when car was at the service last week I asked about it and they say it's a known software bug and they are working on the fix.
  • They said*
  • Lots of threads on it here with others (including myself) reporting the same issue.
  • And some of us not reporting it because it not a really big deal. Just go to the car, cycle the window or all the windows down and back up and it will reset the baseline so the car knows they are up. Then go have a cold one and worry about something important. This is not. :) But thank you for bring it to our attention again. :)
  • I've only had the false notification a few times, but never when I'm parked at home, even though I didn't disable the notification for my home location. Maybe it only happens when Sentry Mode is used, or when the car is locked, neither of which is the case when I'm home. Or maybe it's just a coincidence. :-)
  • I have not had a false alert.

    Bighorn will tell us that I'm wrong and I did.
  • Yup been having this with my 2018 MS for maybe 4 to 6 weeks. I scheduled a service visit as it's pretty annoying.
  • Ps.... pretty much all the time
  • Hasn’t happened to us on either vehicle between 36.16 and 44.15. Was on S prior.
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