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2019 MXLR Autopilot to FSD upgrade cost

I am considering buying a used 2019 MXLR that has autopilot. I am trying to find the current price to upgrade from autopilot to FSD. Can anyone tell me the current cost for this upgrade through the app?


  • My 2014 Model S doesn’t have autopilot hardware and my 2017 MX90D came with FSD and I recently had the hardware upgrade completed and I love it.

    I cannot get through to anyone at Tesla ownership to answer my question.
    Is the cost $10,000 for upgrading from autopilot to FSD through app similar to ordering it from factory?
    Can a current owner with autopilot look in their Tesla app and verify for me please?
  • $10K - no discount for cars with Autopilot.
    Before 2019 Tesla offered Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) and FSD as separate options. In 2019 Tesla did away with EAP and made features like TACC standard and moved NOA, auto-lane change, autopark and summon into FSD. There is a discount for cars with EAP to upgrade to FSD ($7K).
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