Model X

Autopilot Cameras Unavailable - Features may be restored on next drive

Hi everyone. Just wanted to share my experience as I bought model x two days ago and started seeing this notification on second day. Tried hard reset and soft reset and the issue doesn't go away.

So I took the car to the service center and the technician confirmed the problem and replaced right side repeater lamp and the issue got fixed. Process took about 1hr.

Not so great feeling that you'll have to take an expensive car for repair on the 2nd day after purchase because of manufacturing defect but glad that issue got fixed.


  • Same here. I got this message on delivery day, the first time I started the engine lol. I am going to service centre today. Just wondering do you need to book an appointment before you walk in the service centre? Thanks.
  • Stay on top of Tesla to fix this issue. Start documenting every time the errors pop up with Date and Time stamps (Telsa will request this information on a lot of issues) and make sure to open a repair order in a timely manner so they can read the logs to determine what is wrong. My car has been in the shop 7 times so far for camera issues. They have replaced (3) right side cameras, wiring harness for cameras, and the computer. I have been dealing with camera issues for 2yr+ and the exact same error message since 12/2019.

    Hopefully, you don't need to go this route but if you do make sure you are aware of your state's Lemon Law guidelines so you don't end up stuck.

    Full disclosure I have a M3P, not a model X but it appears the issue crosses models.
  • I booked an appointment but got during next week. So I just dropped by the service center and explained the situation. Seems they are well aware of this fail message and got several other cars recently.

    If tesla is aware of similar issues they need to make sure not ship cars with a known defect. Of course they can repair but as customers we are not paying for repaired cars.

    Also noticed that they don't have webpage talking about return policy anymore. I tried calling sales and central office but couldn't get clear response.
  • Took delivery 2 days ago.
    The “processing team member” told me the error message would go away as I drive it. She said the vehicle was too new. Additionally the passenger camera will not come on at all. Tried to schedule service, but first available no matter how far I drive is December 2nd. Adding to my frustration the brand new Model X had 130 miles of power and I live 184 miles from dealership. The “processor” spent maybe 2 minutes telling me about the vehicle. This is my first Tesla. $118,000 vehicle was handed over like I was buying a tennis racket.
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