Model S

3rd party extended warranty

Im thinking of using total auto protect. Anyone have experience with them? have you had a claim yet? anyone use a 3rd party excluding x-care?


  • Save your money and just pay for repairs as they come.
  • I can remember back in 2012-13 when many of us had reservations in to buy a S, and were some what afraid of what we were getting into. I recall a thread, - I think here - about how much the ''big screen and stuff" in the S would cost if we had to pay to replace it. Someone came back with a cost north of $4,000. That seems like an enormous amount money when many here were talking about ordering the 40 or 60 battery S.

    I've read posts where the folks that paid for MCU replacements out of warranty paid $4,000 for the repair 4+ years later because they had to pay for a new one. And now that there's a remanufactured version that was first $2500, then $1700, and I think now $1100-$1300 Tesla can bring the prices down.

    And even with the daughterboard replacement at less than $400, that's 1/10 what those first MCUs were because they were new - off the line.
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