Model Y

Rattling noise when AC or heater on and decelerating

Hello everyone.. has anyone gotten a rattling noise coming from the driver side front when your AC or Heater is on and your car is decelerating / regen braking? This rattle only happens when AC or heater is on and the car decelerates / regen braking. When I’m driving without ac or heater on.. the regen braking is fine and there is no rattle at all. Very annoying. Any input for anyone who has/had this issue to get it fixed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  • I've not heard of this problem before. One guess is the cabin HVAC fan is loose and deacceleration makes it rub on something. Can a passenger hear if the sound is louder at the vent opening? Does fan speed affect the noise (change the fan speed manually)?

    I'd try and make a recording that you can play for service. Set up a service appointment and when you arrive you can play the sound.
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