Solar Roof

Anyone has a Solar Roof in the Seattle area?

I am looking for a existing Solar Roof installation in the Seattle area, my HOA wants to see the roof installed before approving the material.... Alternatively, is there a way to get samples (even just a significant portion of the glass tile is fine). Thx!


  • Hello. There are no existing solar roof's in Seattle. Although federal law trumps any HOA demands a neighborhood might have.
  • @Garfunncle - Curious how you know there are no solar roofs in Seattle? It could be true, but Tesla seems to be selling a lot of these all over the country.
  • Still waiting in Northern Virginia since 2017. :-)
  • @Garfunncle , they allow solar panels thus comply with the law. Their argument is that the solar roof is a roofing material (over which they do have decision power). The law to my understanding only states their need to allow solar installations, they do not need to allow ALL KINDS of solar installations. Thanks for all your responses though. IF anyone hears/sees anything to this topic I'd appreciate more feedback.
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