Model 3

My Model 3 factory-reset itself after the last update.

After the last update (2020.44.10.1), the car suddenly stopped making any sounds, including turn signal sounds, navigation, etc. I tried rebooting it (by holding down both steering wheel buttons), and I noticed it took slightly longer than usual to reboot.

After it finished rebooting, it turns out that it had completely reset itself! It forgot its name, it forgot my entire profile, all of my preferences, home address, etc. Thank goodness it still remembered my key cards and phone pairing, but that's about it.

I managed to re-enter all of my preferences, but it still refuses to do any navigation, saying that navigation data isn't loaded and "service is required," also showing an error code of "ui_a010". Has anyone seen anything like this? Is it safe to drive it? The earliest service appointment I could get is three weeks from now.


  • Someone else reported a similar experience (unless that was you :-).

    Probably okay to drive, and chances are the navigation data will download and the nav system will work again. Service should definitely have a look, because a spontaneous factory reset is not normal.

    I don't know if it's relevant, but does your Model 3 have HW3, and if so, was it built that way or did you upgrade?
  • Nope, no HW3. My Model 3 is from pretty much the first production run in 2018, and this is the first significant issue I've had with it.

    And yes, after an additional reboot (this time with steering wheel buttons plus brake pedal), the navigation seems to be back online. But the reset was definitely disconcerting, and I will be keeping that service appointment.
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