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Outage and Power Walls go to 0% Charge?

What happens if during an outage your Power Walls run out of battery?

For example, during an extended outage during the night your Power Walls go to 0% charge. When the sun comes up in the morning will the your Solar Panels charge your Power Walls to resume battery backup during the outage.

Will your house resume power?


  • The PW won't fully go down to 0%. It leaves a reserve for it's own function (about 5%).

    Yes, once the sun comes up the solar will first go to the PW until it is charged enough to start using. Then your house will begin to run on both solar and battery, depending on production. Excess solar will continue to charge your battery.
  • In the event your PW's run out of energy and your home goes dead, will your home re-start itself once the sun comes up and the Solar System is producing energy and charging the PW's?

    It seems you must have enough PW energy to get you through nights and periods when the Solar System is not producing energy.

    To work, does the Solar System and PW's need the grid to be on?
  • Yes. Your home power will restart once your batteries are charged enough from the solar. Some people, depending on setup, sometimes have to flip off and on breakers to reactivate. But most often you won’t have to. It should kick in automatically once there’s enough energy from solar and batteries to run your house.
  • There are videos on YouTube of people without power due to a grid outage or they testing their system by flipping off the main breaker to simulate an outage, running their houses for days off solar and battery. Some even had no power for hours because their batteries were drained. Then once solar production started and batteries were charged enough, the power to their house kicked back in again on it’s own.
  • Thanks for the responding, very helpful.
  • > @RLSolar said:
    > Thanks for the responding, very helpful.

    Your welcome. You may want to test out your own system to make sure there are no issues. Flip the breaker in the morning to let your house run on solar and battery only, and let the battery drain. See if the solar kicks up your system again. It’s better to trouble shoot before you have to use it during a grid outage.
  • And one more thing. If you have storm watch enabled your battery will charge from the grid if there is a warning in your area (such as red flag or high wind) that will trigger rolling outage or potential of outage due to wind. This is often done a day before. So your batteries will also be charged that way too.

    A month ago we had a red flag warning issued by the NWS in my area here in SoCal. Edison threatened shutdowns. Storm watch was triggered on my PW and it was fully charged to 100% from the grid 2 days before the event.
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