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Turning the system off and on

I was told to turn off do this order.
1. Turn off Power Walls.
2. Turn off Inverters
3. Turn off Circuit Breakers

To Turn on:
Do the opposite.

1. Turn on Breakers.
2. Turn on Inverters
3. Turn of PW's.

Is this correct?


  • From the manual:

    If it is necessary to turn off or power cycle the Powerwall system, it must be done in the proper sequence.

    WARNING: On Powerwall systems with interconnected solar, always turn off the solar inverter or disconnect the solar source before turning off the Powerwall unit.

    Turning OFF

    1.Turn off or disconnect any interconnected solar generation system.

    2.Turn off Powerwall by setting its switch to the OFF position.

    3.Turn off the AC breaker to Powerwall.

    4.Turn off the AC breaker to the Backup Gateway (for whole-home backup systems, this may be a breaker inside the Backup Gateway)

    5.Wait at least one minute before turning the system back on.

    Turning ON

    1.Turn the AC breakers to Backup Gateway and Powerwall back on.

    2.Turn on Powerwall.

    3.Turn on or reconnect the solar generation system
  • Each setup is different. It depend.

    I noticed you have a lot of questions. A good place to post these is on Reddit. Use the solar, Tesla, or powerwall subreddits. There are installers on those forums that can assist you even further.
  • If the intent is to just reboot the Gateway, there should be a RESET button which can be pressed to restart the Gateway, and that sequence is fast enough that it isn't necessary to turn off the power of throw any breakers.
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