Supercharging referral program bonus never gifted... please advise!

Owners, please advise as my supercharging referral program bonus was never gifted. This is the email I sent to Telsa:

When I bought my Tesla almost one year ago on May 24, 2019, I used a referral code:, which is supposed to gift me 5000 miles of free supercharging. I have yet to see this applied to my account almost one year later despite someone stating they were putting in an order ops for this matter. This is not the type of customer service one expects when buying an almost $70,000 vehicle, especially from a company such as Tesla.

I have been very patient to be rewarded the benefit (Free Supercharging promotion from 1k to 5k miles) which Tesla promoted to increase delivery numbers before (EOQ) June 2019. I purchased my Tesla well before the May 28th cut-off deadline. I did not receive the best treatment from the service department when I picked up my car in the first place. Is this what customers should expect when making a purchase such as this?

This is horrible PR for Tesla, and I have not escalated this any further as of yet. Please get back to me with a resolution.

Thank you,

Tej S.

They basically responded with your SOL. Please advise as this is not right.

Thank you,



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