Model 3

Missing Air Filter

I bought my model 3 in December 2018. I had defects on the car which Tesla customer service said they would repair via email. I even called after 24 hours with the car. When I went for my first service they said no to fixing things. The Santa Clara service center fixed a rattling noise from driver's side visor. I do get rattling noise from the rearview console on the rough road. The technician said I don't hear anything. Which I replied only on rough road it makes a noise. The service manager said to forward the email discussing defects, and I never heard from her. I know every 2-years air filters should be replaced. I opened up the frunk and remove the panel. Surprise NO AIR FILTER


  • Air filter is not in frunk. Air filter access is inside the car cabin in front passenger footwell. Search YouTube for many videos showing how to get to air filter.
  • Yes it would be alarming if you found an air filter in the frunk!
  • There are a bunch of videos about how you get at and replace the 2 filters.
    Google is your friend.
  • Thanks guys. I called it wrong. It is the air intake filter.
  • > @josuemendoza13_98362248 said:
    > Thanks guys. I called it wrong. It is the air intake filter.

    I am guessing that you are thinking of an aftermarket air filter. There is no air filter in the frunk unless you purchased and installed an aftermarket one.
  • EVs don’t have air intake filter since there is no engine. Only the the S and X have their cabin air filters located in the frunk, towards the base of the windshield on the right hand side when standing in front of the vehicle.
  • You bought your Model 3 two years ago and are posting about delivery issues now? And the SC said no to everything?
    Surprise! Kind of hard to believe.
  • @josuemendoza13_98362248

    Like many other cars with sporty suspensions, rough roads will cause some rattles in the M3. This is normal.
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