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When did Tesla raise supercharging fees to .36kwh. I did a search on google but found no articles?


  • There have, as best I know, always been peak rates.
  • Off peak rates of 9 cents per kWh have also been reported in CA.
  • Each location has different rates.
  • If you look at the history in your Tesla account you should see all your supercharging sessions, including, at a minimum, the KWh added and the price (I’ve only owned a Tesla since June 2019 - don’t know how much info was logged before then). You should be able too tell exactly when the prices changed. They’ve gone to peak pricing in more areas now. AFAIK, we don’t have it here in the Delaware Valley...yet. I’ve paid as much as $0.29/KWh in South Jersey and Bensalem, PA and as little as $0.26/KWh in Claymont, DE and Newark, DE. The $0.28/KWh price published on the Tesla site is an average.
  • to, not too
  • The place around me went to time of day charging about 2 months ago.
    You can click on the supercharger icon on the map in the car and click on a station and it will tell you the price. Most are fixed but I found a few in FL that are time of day.
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