Model Y

Water Entry Into Cargo Area

Hi everyone,
My car is in service for water entry into the cargo area. Water pooled across the lower portion of the cargo area seal (where the latch is) and dribbled down into the wells that flank the sides.

It was uncovered by either a service tech or the body shop that water was entering through body seams in a few areas on the left rear quarter panel behind all the carpeting, separate from what I observed and had complained about.

My Model Y's VIN is in the early 40k area and was produced in August.

Anyone else with water entry through body seams, in the cargo area, and/or otherwise with VINs in the 40k region?


  • I’ve got the same problem. First week heavy rain and water in the same place. Took 5 weeks to get a service appointment, couldn’t reproduce the issue. Really heavy rain last night. More water than the first time. I’m worried that water is entering the body and pooling underneath the plastic floor. Hope it won’t take five weeks for the next appointment.

    Same VIN range
  • Please post if you get this resolved. I think it’s going to be very hard to find the issue.
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