Model 3

Alarm when car ahead turns right

When following a car, with even more than the normal safe distance, if the car ahead of us turns right, our M3 goes crazy with the beeps. There are many other instances of close calls when the M3 is perfectly happy with no alarms. Is it just our M3 or is this a common occurrence? We laugh when it happens because it is so out of character.


  • This hasn't ever happened to me in over 2 years of ownership. Obviously the car turning right will slow down as it approaches and completes the turn. If you don't reduce your speed, the car might perceive an imminent collision due to the difference in speed. Check your "Forward Collision Warning" setting. "Early" might explain why its being so sensitive. The other settings are "Medium", "Late" and "Off".
  • I’ve noticed that in recent updates, the forward collision warning has become more sensitive, causing lots of unnecessary alerts. I’ve had to change the setting from Medium to Late to compensate. I’m seeing this in both our 3 and S.
  • My Model 3 exhibits the exact same behavior. Alerts are set to medium but a car turning right will set them off from quite a long distance. It has done ever this since the car was new (Sept, 2019). Software updates have cured other problems, but not this one.
  • I ended up turning FCW to "off" because of this. I hate disabling features like this, but freak out alarms for no reason are worse. Every once in awhile, I turn it back on to see if it's better, but so far, no luck.
  • Mine is set to “early” and it often exhibits the behavior described. It has alarmed occasionally in other circumstances but you are correct this is the most prevalent. My opinion is it is working perfectly. As a driver you anticipate the obstruction will clear and take no action. The car sensing you are doing nothing about a situation where a virtually stopped obstruction is ahead warns you. I would expect that when HAL really takes over he might make judgment calls but right now it responds to what it sees.
  • I've noticed this behavior, and I have the setting set to early warning. Perhaps it doesn't know whether the car will continue through the right turn because it can't see whether there is a small person in the crosswalk preventing the car from proceeding.
  • Our alerts are set to medium. A couple of you have confirmed similar sensitivity which is all I wanted to know. It isn’t just my M3. I expect eventually it will be fixed and likely with the “Mind Blowing” FSD update coming soon. Thank you for your answers.
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