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Delivery time and being lied too.....?

Hello Guys Kinda new here but really psyched to be getting my new Model Y LR! But I just had an interesting episode happen to me yesterday and it goes the following. I already received the Delivery Text message to schedule pickup for Nov. 29th which will take place in the Dania Beach, FL delivery center. I happen to call yesterday to the delivery center and some guy picked up and starts telling me that the call was recorded (and I'm like ok guess this is normal) because every time I call they never say that but w.e. And I ask if he knew by any chance if the car arrived because a few days earlier it was still showing it was on the train for Freemont, CA to Birmingham, AL and from there a truck would need to pick it up and bring it down to FL. He goes on to tell me that the car arrived that Friday morning and that my scheduled pickup time was still set on the Nov 29th and that I had to call my SA at the Aventura Location and try to see if they can change the date so I can pick it up earlier. I ended up trying to call the SA (This dude hardly picks up the phone) no Answer I then call the store and speak to the Store Manager and on the phone, he thought I was crazy what I told him and started to tell me he was going to ping the location of the vehicle because on his system still showed the car was in transit. He then told me he wasn't getting an actual Live ping from the vehicle (Which I don't really believe they can see) so he was going to email me if he found out some new info. He emails me back saying that after double-checking he can confirm the vehicle is not on-site and that it's still in transit with an ETA of Arrival of Nov. 26th. I really believe there is a lot of BS behind this bc it can't I feel like I'm being lied to by the Store or they really don't have anything updated. Also, I tried calling back the delivery center and they don't want to speak to me and they said I have to deal with the SA who's working on my case I really don't know what to do. I feel like the car is here and it looks like they don't want to tell me the truth they are booked up until that date and trust me I can actually use it now because I really need a car and spent a lot of money just to get it. If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it. LMK Thank you!


  • I know sometime when you call a store if they are busy the calls go to a call center in NV so you are not always taking to the local store.

    But if possible take a trip to the store in person this way they can check on things right in front of you.

    I just picked up our Y a few weeks ago and the process was painless. I was wondering so I stopped by the showroom they looked it up in the laptop made my apt and I got txt updates. During the process we got txt and phone calls from the local showroom so like I was saying it was painless.

    Some of the tacking is just info as far as I know they cannot track the GPS on the actual car to see where it is.

    So looking things over I think you should stop calling and just take a stop by the showroom and speak to someone.

    Generally when things go in a way you think wrong you can give off a bad vibe. So I suggest just be nice, don't mention any of the past issue that starts the conversation off with a back tone. Just ask how is your day, then say I am very excited to get my car I was wondering if you could look up the status. Something happy and inquisitive. Unless there are some really bad ppl there you will get some good info to put our mind at ease. Just remember no mention of the past just the future positive tone.

    Remember if you are in person and someone is looking at live data on the screen you will get the real deal.
  • Same thing happened (and still happening) to me. If you feel like you're being lied to, trust your gut.
  • > @JaxY said:
    > Same thing happened (and still happening) to me. If you feel like you're being lied to, trust your gut.
    I have purchased more cars then I can remember over the years and buying a Tesla 2 of them so far has been the most honest and easy ever.

    If you feel this bad there are other brands no one is forcing you to buy a Tesla.

    All I know is I have been really lied to by other car dealer costing me thousands and that is not the case with Tesla ever. You don't have to haggle or see the finance manager who will try to over sell you.

    Anyway you can take my advice and find out what is going on with your car or you can keep doing what you are since it is so far working so well for you.
  • I agree with going in person if you are uncomfortable at all. My experience was very positive from the moment I placed my order in person at the SC.
  • Good grief, please buy something else.
  • Congratulations on getting a Tesla! I know it is so hard to wait, specially when you need a car. I feel like an impatient 8 year old waiting for Christmas. I've had great communication over email. Our SA gets back to me very quickly. I think you might have better luck getting a response to an email rather than over the phone. You do have a delivery date that is only 6 days from now. I hope you get your Tesla soon and don't let this so episode sour your overall experience.
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